High Profile QB Looking to K-State

One season is over and the recruiting season is in full gear and for the talented Mr. Robinson, the do everything Quarterback out of Deerfield HS, Florida - teams from across the country are lining up in an attempt to sign the mobile and strong armed quarterback.

With official visits in the books already to such locals as Georgia, Florida and Michigan, there might be one team on the horizon that has caught the attention of Denard Robinson.

"Well Kansas State is in on both of them and they have been recruiting them for awhile now. There are a lot of schools interested but I know that Adrian and Denard are both looking very hard at Kansas State. Kansas State is recruiting Denard and Adrian and they have been there from the beginning with him. Coach Cosh has really taken over their recruitment since the coaching change there (KSU) and there hasn't been a drop off. I know Denard is thinking hard about Kansas State," their Head Coach Arthur Taylor told KStateFans.

At a little over 6-feet tall and 185 pounds, Robinson has exceptional speed and fits the mold of the spread offense that many college teams across the country are looking for in their quarterback of the future.

"Denard can play anywhere in the country at quarterback. He played in an all-star game this past week and broke a play for 80 something yards that was just spectacular. That play was spectacular and that is what you have running your offense and touching the ball every time. I am not sure what his position at the next level will be after college, maybe wide receiver or defensive back, but at the next level, at the college level, Denard can play quarterback anywhere in the country."

Denard was the starting Quarterback for Broward County in Friday's Broward–Dade Counties All-Star game in the South Florida classic this past weekend.

High praise for a QB that has the skill set you want in a spread offense style of play that has college recruiters drooling. A skill set coveted by almost every team and every recruiter across the country that runs this style of offense but especially an advantage for every team that has Legendary Coach Bill Snyder as their Head Coach.

"Coach Snyder is the originator of this offense. I mean he is one of the guys a longtime ago that started this style of play, with spreading teams out and having a mobile quarterback. Teams did not used to do this and Coach Snyder is one of the guys that originated this offense. That is something that Denard realizes and understand where he fits into a system like that," Coach Taylor said.

And he is right! Way before other schools were running this style of offense, Coach Snyder and his staff were tailoring the offense around players like former Wildcat QB Ell Roberson and taking advantage of their athletic abilities and speed. Coach Snyder built his offense around his players and recruited to those needs long before other school adopted his form of the spread offense - something not lost on potential recruits.

Mike Bakas, a regional Recruiting Scout that covers a lot of prospects in Florida had this to say about Denard in his profile: " He plays quarterback in high school now and does a tremendous job of leading his team. He's a tremendous leader who flat out knows how to win. He has tremendous football instincts, regardless of what position he's playing. Many project him to be a receiver or cornerback in college because of his size (6-0/190) and speed (10.7 100m kid at the state meet). When the game's on the line, you want him with the ball in his hands, though. "

Which mirrors exactly what his High School Coach says are his strength on the field: "You want Denard touching the ball every time on offense. He is such an athlete with such great speed. Adrian (Witty) is the only guy on our team with the same kind of speed. And you want someone like that taking touching the ball every time on offense. He just has that ability to do something spectacular with the ball and he is just such a competitive kid. Pretty much everything he does he is competitive." And they say speed kills.

Past his abilities on the field however, Robinson who sports an 18 on his ACT and will be ready to go in the classroom has a close relationship with his teammate, safety Adrian Witty and although they are not a package deal exclusively, they would like to go to the same school and play their college ball together.

"Well there are a bunch of different schools that are recruiting them, but not all of them are recruiting both of them. Some are but I know that they would like to go together. They are good friends," said Coach Taylor.

Denard is attempting to set up two final official visits, one to Kansas State possibly in thenear future while working around a busy schedule this spring competing in the 200 meters and the 4x100 meters for Deerfield Beach HS. Stay tuned to KStateFans as we bring you all the latest in recruiting and track Denard's recruitment in the Wildcat Nation.

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