Thompson Switches Commitment to K-State

Although Tramaine Thompson was committed to Oregon State, he decided to still take a trip to Manhattan and see what Kansas State had to offer before closing the book on recruiting. That trip led to a change of heart for the star athlete from Jenks High School in Oklahoma.

One of the top programs in the state of Oklahoma, Jenks High School is known for great football and mass producing Division I talent and Jenks latest star is Tramaine Thompson, a smaller wide receiver with great speed. Coach Joe Bob Clements headed up the recruitment of Tramaine for Kansas State and according to his High School Coach, Allan Trimble, Coach Snyder's return is one of the primary reasons his star player will be playing for Kansas State.

"Traimaine just returned from Kansas State and has switched from Oregon State to Coach Snyder and Kansas State. Well we have always had a great relationship with Kansas State. Before Coach Snyder left, we always had kids that were looking at them and we just have had a great relationship with Coach Snyder's Regime. That is the reason that Tramaine went to K-State this past weekend and decided to change his commitment. They (KSU Coaching Staff) are back to their old pattern and I look for them to sign more of our players in the future," Head Coach Allan Trimble told KStateFans.

One of the best players on a team loaded with talent and a wealth of underclassmen that in a few years will make their way on to college programs across the country, Thompson had one eye popping stat that attests to his abilities on the gridiron.

"Well Tramaine is a little undersized and I think that turned a lot of programs off in terms of recruiting him but I got to tell you, he is a great football player. I do not know what some of the other guys are doing but every time he (Tramaine) touched the ball he made things happen for us. He averaged 17.6 yards every time he touched the ball. He has the 'It' Factor. He is a small and well developed player that is going to fill out some more and just has an amazing knack for making plays where ever you play him," said Coach Trimble.

At 5-foot-9, and 178 pounds, Thompson did in all for Jenks, returning punts, playing Wide Receiver and practicing at cornerback in the case of injury.

"I think Tramaine can really play really at a bunch of different positions. Now this is just Coach Trimble's thoughts but he looks a lot like the Lockett brothers to me. he is more of an inside wide receiver who can play a variety of positions but his strength is running routes and what he does after the catch. We had some depth issue in the defensive backfield so we had him practicing 20 mins or so in practice to play cornerback. I think he will play inside wide receiver and you can use him on reverses but he would be an amazing lockdown corner. He has the hips and speed to play there, he just may not have the height K-State would like. We were playing in the State Championship and we put him in the Wildcat and he went 65 yards on one play and 45 yards on another. everyone is the stadium knew he was getting the ball. You just could not stop him."

Recruited by Oregon State, Tramaine was actually offered by OSU after the coaching staff came in to look at another Jenks player.

"Oregon State was here to look at another player of mine, Gabe Lynn who is committed elsewhere. Well they came in and asked if I had any other players. 'I told them to have a look at #2.' Well it only took them two days of watching him play and they offered. It just took them a little bit of time to look and see him and they offered. "

Academic-wise, Thompson is taking care of things in the class room and will be qualified given the classes he is currently taking.

"I now mathematically he is going to be fine. he is taking some classes right now that he needs and he going to be fine there. That isn't going to be a problem. I am not sure what his latest ACT score is, I know he just took it again but his grades are fine and he is taking the classes he needs to put everything in order there, he is fine there."

If you as a fan are happy that Head Coach Snyder has returned to Kansas State, you are not alone and the feeling is shared by numerous High school coaches across the country.

"I have a lot of respect for Coach Snyder and his staff. He is a family man and does things the right way. As a Coach myself, I have no worries when I send a kid to play for Coach Snyder. He has always recruited here and done a great job. Some kids you do not here about because Oklahoma came in at the last second and signed some but Coach Snyder had Rocky Calmus committed and going there when OU swooped in late. He has had a couple of our players before Rocky committed and somehow Oklahoma got them at the end. I have not had a chance to speak with Coach Snyder since he has been back but his assistant coach Joe Bob Clements is the one who called me up and said coach, I want to get Tramaine to come down and visit us. That respect level and what I know about Coach Snyder and how he does things and that he does things the right way all the time. Coach Snyder just does things right there and I am happy he is back at Kansas State. I expect everything to go back to the old pattern and we have a bunch of kids here now that are good players that I am sure he will be involved with," Coach Trimble said about the Kansas State Coaching Staff.

Asked what type of player Tramaine Thompson was for his squad, Coach Trimble had this to say about Thompson:" I tell you what, he is a bit smaller then you would like but let him get up there and he is going to fill out. Wes Welker is another guy who was undersized and he seems to be doing pretty well. There are a bunch of players who do not get recruited because of their size and he is only going to get a little thicker when he gets there (Kansas State). He was our sparkplug, he was a leader and whenever we need a play it seemed like he made it. He just has this amazing knack."

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