Yet Another Change in Leadership

KSU's Bob Krause and Jon Wefald co-announced a reassignment effective March 31 that will put Krause leaving his athletics director chair to become Development of Development for the school's satellite campus located in Olathe.

Just 10 months after accepting the duty of running Kansas State's athletic department, Bob Krause will now leave the school with his replacement not to be announced until the hiring of a new University President this spring.

"For almost a year now, I have worked with the Athletics Department since this has been a high priority for the University as it makes a transition of leadership in the President's office," Krause said. "I believe the department is in very good shape. We have excellent coaches in place at all levels. The restructuring of administrative responsibilities have our resources aligned with the goals of positioning our teams to compete for championships – the senior staff has a wealth of experience and effective internal and external working relationships."

Wefald added, "Getting the K-State Innovation Campus in Olathe and Johnson County is of the highest priority for the whole University." Krause said Tuesday, "I'm not sure if I would have made the move had I known the President was going to leave."

In reflection, Krause said he wasn't totally prepared for the personality of the athletic arena. On the firing of football coach Ron Prince, Krause said, "That is always difficult. Over 23 years, I've made my share of them (firings). You have a personal investment in everybody you work with, but you do what you have to do."

He also found the overall athletic spotlight a different type of difficulty.

"Athletics is very event specific. It's different than any other arena I've been in," Krause said. "You win three games in a row, and you're a genius; you lose three in a row, and you're a bum. It's part of the intercollegiate athletic experience. It's an emotional roller-coaster."

A roller coaster that never stops in an arena where the spotlight always shines. "It tires you out," admitted Krause, who was on the job only 10 months. "It's 4 a.m. until midnight, seven days a week. There's always a blackberry glued to your ear, or a computer by your side. You look in a mirror and you're tired."

Krause leaves his position saying that he has "great people in place to keep the ball moving down the court."

He also indicates over $6 million has been raised for the $17-plus million Wildcat Victory program with several other "major asks" of at least $10 million on the table. Jim Epps will serve as interim athletics director beginning April 1.

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