"It's Pretty Much a Done Deal"

The Wildcats look to host another weekend of recruits from across the country and this Texas RB says discusses his future plans....Read this Exclusive Right Here!

"Yes sir, I am actually in line to get on the plane to Kansas State right now. I am literally standing in line after going through security and they are going to start boarding the plane in like 5 minutes," said Ossam Cook as he was awaiting his flight to Manhattan.

At a hair under 5-foot-9 and 189 pounds, this Lonestar speedster says he has the Cats out front- way out front and is looking for an offer this weekend.

"I am looking forward to this trip and how I fit in with everyone there. Coach Lattimore recruited me and Kansas State is my top team," Cook told KStateFans.

With 4.4 speed, this running back is looking for a home at Kansas State and says the only thing holding him back from a new address is an official offer from the Wildcat coaching staff.

"If they offered, yes sir I would commit. It is pretty much a done deal. I would not have to come home and talk to my parents, I have already discussed it with them and if K-State offers this weekend, I will commit to them," Ossam said as the flight attendant called for him to board the place.

In tripping to Kansas State for his official visit, Ossam said he is looking forward to meeting Coach Snyder and wants to see how he meshes with the team and players once he arrives.

"Most definitely I am looking towards how I would fit into their offense and how I get along with their players. I have not met Coach Snyder yet but I am looking forward to that. I speak mostly with Coach lattimore so I am looking forward to seeing him too. Most definitely I am looking forward to this visit. They told me that they are trying to build a new team and a new tradition there around the players they are recruiting and I would like to be a part of that."

Stay Tuned as we bring you more recruiting inof and more of this story as it develops over the weekend.

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