Flanders Seeks BCS Bowls With Kansas State

Succession. It's a somewhat odd concept in sports, talked about when a current player or coach passes the torch to the next generation. For Timothy Flanders and Kansas State, it's not quite a "succession", but one current KStater sure had an impact on Flanders' recent visit to Manhattan.

"Carson Coffman was my host. He really helped me on my visit. He was a big part of my decision process to come to Kansas State." While not exactly passing the torch from one player to the next as Coffman and Flanders play different positions, the current player – Coffman – helped add the new player – Flanders – and brought home a highly sought after running back in the process.

At 5'9" and 180 pounds, Timothy Flanders racked up 34 TD's and over 2,100 yards in his senior season at Oklahoma's Midwest City High School. Gaudy numbers. Bringing that level of production to Kansas State, Flanders had time to sit with Offensive Coordinator Andy Ludwig during his visit over the January 30 weekend: "I met with Coach Ludwig and the Running Backs Coach as well. They're looking for big impact. And I'm looking to make a big impact at Kansas State." "We watched a lot of film and talked about the offense and how I would fit into that."

Asked his thoughts on playing in Bill Snyder Family Stadium, Timothy had no hesitation "It would be pretty cool to play for Coach Snyder." A comment heard frequently from this recruiting class. How cool, you might ask? "It's one of the things that stands out. Bill Snyder coming back to Kansas State" noted Midwest City's star running back. "Kansas State is a football school. It's a big family around the football program. The whole town seems to be about Kansas State football."

As we've seen with most of the recruits we've talked to, academics does not get second fiddle to football under Bill Snyder. "We toured the Computer Science building. I'm going to major in Computer Science, so it was nice to see all the facilities for that." "I met with the academic advisory staff and got a good idea of how that all fits into the football program."

We asked Timothy to name a few things that stood out during his visit, and while the cold weather in Manhattan may take some getting used to "I'll have to adjust to that. It will take some time to get used to that", Flanders was glowing in his praise of Manhattan: "Nice people. Everywhere. The campus is really beautiful, and I like that things seem to focus on football mostly."

Looking forward, accepting that "passed torch" from Carson Coffman, so to speak, Flanders gave us a glimpse of what might be in store for Wildcat fans: "I want to help the program. I want to get back to where it was before. It has to happen as a team, though, and it's got to be team goals that everyone has. And I want Kansas State playing in BCS Bowls!"

A current player helping a new player with his decision process. A focus on academics. A coach who's built a family around the football program and a town that lives for football. For Timothy Flanders and Kansas State, the opportunity for making a big impact can't come soon enough.

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