The 10 Spot With Troy Butler

In the latest edition of the 10 Spot, Antelope Valley CC Safety Troy Butler stops in for a post Signing Day update with!

The defensive secondary. With no less than seven DB's and Safeties signed to Kansas State for the 2009 class, clearly the secondary was a critical area that needed attention for Coach Snyder and staff. While some of the Big XII Conferences top WR's are departing for Sunday work, there's still plenty of weapons out there that KState will have to face in the coming season. Antelope Valley CC's Troy Butler means to make their time playing against Kansas State significantly less fun. And he means to have a good time doing it.

1. What about Kansas State first caught your eye?

"The people. The players I met on my visit – it was a really fun time in Manhattan. I really like the environment up there. I was at Ft. Scott before I transferred out to California, so I am already kind of used to Kansas."

2. What was your deciding factor in committing to the Wildcats?

"The coaches. Just a great philosophy as a group of coaches. And their personalities. They're all pretty funny guys. I had a hard time with Coach Chizik leaving Iowa State the way he did when I was committed to them. But Kansas State had been recruiting me even with the previous staff under Ron Prince so I already knew a bit about them. But when Coach Snyder came back and Coach Koenning came in it was really a big opening for me to take another look at Kansas State."

3. What are three words that describe you as a person?

"Oh...that's hard! Can we come back to this one? Let me think about this for a bit. I guess first I would say HONEST. FUNNY is good, too. I like to have a lot of fun. And third, I would say CARING. Yeah, those three would be a good way to describe me."

4. What are three words that describe you as a football player?

"I am a COMPETITOR. I want to play against the best talent in the big games. There's nothing better than that. I'm very ATHLETIC. I have great range on the field. Sideline to sideline in coverage. And I'm a SMART football player. I read my keys well. I've got pretty good instincts and can anticipate plays."

5. What is your favorite thing to do on the football field?

"I LOVE IT ALL!! There's really so much to love about being on the field. I like to hit. I'm physical. I like physical coverage and I like physical run support. Grabbing INT's is also good. And I think I'm a big game / game changing play kind of guy. Sam Bailey is my favorite player, so I try to play like him a bit."

6. What is your favorite thing to do off the field?

"SLEEPING!! And working on my car. And dreaming about working on my car when I am sleeping. I have a Mitsubishi 3000 GT, and I love that car. I don't think I'll be able to bring it to Manhattan when I head up there at the beginning of March, but hopefully in the summer. Right now I am working on putting a new audio system in it. I do spend some time playing Madden on PS3, of course, and I listen to Hip-Hop mostly."

7. If you don't go on to play in the NFL, what would you like to do?

"I think I would open my own mechanic shop if I don't get to play in the NFL. Everyone needs their car fixed sometime!"

8. What are you most looking forward to in terms of playing for Kansas State?

"Winning a National Championship! That's what everyone should play for. I want to better myself as a player, and I know that's possible at Kansas State."

9. What do you feel will be your biggest challenge in moving from high school to college?

"Conditioning. Definitely. I know I'm a Safety and I know this might not sound too good, but outside of playing in the game I really dislike running for conditioning. Running in the game for coverage or something is great, but just for conditioning...well, it's kind of boring. But I know it has to be done."

10. Who is the one player on Kansas State's roster, or in your recruiting class, that you are most excited to be teammates with next season?

"Well, I haven't met too many guys from the recruiting class yet. So I can't give a name there. But I am really looking forward to playing for Coach K and Coach Cosh. It's going to be GREAT!"

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