Andy Ludwig Speaks

After his sudden departure from Kansas State to California, offensive coordinator Andy Ludwig kept mum on the move. This past weekend, he spoke with Mark Janssen about the sudden departure and the reasoning behind the decision to leave K-State.

Andy Ludwig said it was something he "... just had to do."

Talking with The Manhattan Mercury, the former Kansas State offensive coordinator who left for a similar position at California earlier this month, said the switch in schools was simply a "family matter."

Ludwig's mother lives in the "East Bay" area, plus he has a brother and sister in the area.

"It was all about the positives of being at Cal professionally and personally, and nothing to do with getting away from the (KSU) situation I was in," said Ludwig, whose office view is the Golden State Bridge.

Ludwig said he did not feel good about the departure and admitted that it was "... an ugly deal, but something I had to do."

Asked if it had to do with any conflict with head coach Bill Snyder's philosophy or play-calling responsibilities, Ludwig said, "Absolutely not, absolutely not. That had zero influence on this decision."

Ludwig said his salary was slightly higher than what he would have received at Kansas State, but added that the cost of living in the Berkley area was also higher.

Ludwig joins the staff of Jeff Tedford, who he had known through his coaching days on the west coast at Fresno State and Oregon.

Prior to coming to K-State, and now Cal, Ludwig had served as offensive coordinator at Utah. This past year the Utes won the Sugar Bowl over Alabama to complete a 13-0 season.

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