The 10 Spot With Marcus Kennard

When all the dust had settle from the Recruiting Wars, K-State's final recruiting weekend yielded big results with the late addition of Wide Receiver Marcus Kennard. The 10 Spot brings you the latest!

Imagine if you will, dear Wildcat Nation, the image of Randy Moss ravaging opposing defenses for Kansas State. Ahhh...bliss. But surely Randy Moss has done the college thing and well and truly moved on to the NFL some time ago, yes? Perhaps, perhaps not. The last weekend of January saw any number of recruits visit Manhattan, and 6'5" Wide Receiver from Lawton OK, Marcus Kennard could well be the second coming...or first coming in Purple of the aforementioned Mr. Moss.

1. What about Kansas State first caught your eye?

"On my visit, I got to hang out with the guys who will be my future teammates. Brandon Harold was my host. It was just a really good visit with Coach Snyder and all the guys. Bill Snyder Family Stadium is one big place! It's just hard to explain what first caught my eye about the program, but it's a lot of good things."

2. What was your deciding factor in committing to the Wildcats?

"The biggest thing for me was location. My mom is in Colorado and my dad is down here in Oklahoma. So Kansas State is a good compromise for location. Plus, Coach Snyder...I just want to be around him!"

3. What are three words that describe you as a person?

"Well, I'm pretty FUNNY. I have a good sense of humor. I'm LAID BACK. But I'm SHY at first. It just takes me a little while to open up."

4. What are three words that describe you as a football player?

"PHYSICAL, TALL and SMART. I was talking to a lot of schools. Texas Tech wanted me as a slot receiver. Tulsa, KU and New Mexico also were looking at me for something similar. But I'm an outside guy. I have the speed and size to be outside. If I play like anyone in the NFL right now, it would be Randy Moss. I'm a Randy Moss type-guy. I like to go up and get it. I'm physical with defensive backs. In my junior year we had a very run oriented offense, but I still managed 11 TD's. In my senior year, we had a 1 back spread offense and I had 12 or 13 TD's. I know how to score."

5. What is your favorite thing to do on the football field?

"Favorite thing on the football field? SCORE!"

6. What is your favorite thing to do off the field?

"Watch ESPN! I play basketball as well, small forward. I'm focusing on my grades, and am fully qualified. I had a 3.8 GPA in the first semester and I'm all good to go with my test scores. I spend some time with the girls, of course. I am in the school choir this year as an activity. And I just started a job as well. So I'm pretty busy."

7. If you don't go on to play in the NFL, what would you like to do?

"I want to own my own business one day. Maybe a trucking company or some sort of transport company. But maybe a club instead. I'm majoring in business, so we'll see."

8. What are you most looking forward to in terms of playing for Kansas State?

"I've agreed with the coaches to redshirt my freshman year. That gives me the opportunity to get into the college life and be set for football the next year. I hope I'll be starting as a redshirt freshman for KState. I'll arrive in Manhattan at the beginning of June and be there for all the summer workouts, plus starting summer school."

9. What do you feel will be your biggest challenge in moving from high school to college?

"I have to get bigger. Right now I am working on a weight program that the coaches set up. I'm at 195 pounds, but I need to get bigger."

10. Who is the one player on Kansas State's roster, or in your recruiting class, that you are most excited to be teammates with next season?

"Brandon Harold." Following the 10 Spot - Marcus had a message he wanted KStateFans to deliever to the Wildcat Nation - "Get Ready For A New Beginning!!"

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