Coach Snyder - Making Immediate Changes

Bill Snyder conducted his first press conference of the spring season on Thursday as the team prepares for its first workout on Sunday. The good old days are back as the Wildcat players talked of how the demand and intensity levels have increased dramatically over a year ago.

What are the most dreaded letters out of the 2009 off-season Kansas State training camp? Without hesitation, Wildcat players from offense, to defense, to special teams say, "PI." Defined, that's "Price Of Irresponsibility."

Further defined, that's "... something you don't want to be involved with," laughed senior tackle Nick Stringer. "It's missing classes, missing study hall, being late for meetings ... just not taking care of what you need to be taking care of."

And if you don't, there's a 5 a.m. wake-up call, followed by a 6 a.m. workout at the stadium.

That's a.m. … as morning … as in, before the sun's up.

Quarterback candidate Joseph Kassanavoid said he's "heard" it's a terrible workout, but added, "It's what coach (Bill) Snyder is all about in being a perfectionist and wanting the most out of a person."

And it's that, which the Wildcat players of today say, is the biggest difference than a year ago under coach Ron Prince.

"Coach is making us do things that we could have done last year, but didn't," said returning defensive end Brandon Harold. "With coach, being tired is a mind set. He has the ability to extend your limits beyond what you feel you can do. I wouldn't say it's more professional, but it's far more demanding."

That was especially found to be true in the initial workout where Brandon Banks said, "The whole team nearly passed out."

The miniature wide receiver then said, "It's much more intense. Everything is at full speed. You get done with one drill and you sprint to another. It's made the entire team more motivated to succeed."

Kassanavoid called the workouts "80 percent" tougher than last year, and added that it's made for a higher level of "family attitude."

Quarterback Carson Coffman added, "Like no other coach, coach Snyder pulls the absolute best out of you. He demands higher than you think you can go."

Beyond the workout field, Lamark Brown said the biggest Prince to Snyder change has come with "... how he expects us to conduct ourselves, which starts with how we come into the complex (without caps and without earrings). There's more accountability, which has made us a more cohesive team."

Oh, is Snyder too old for the coaching profession?

Not so, says linebacker Josh Berard: "He's brought an enthusiasm, high energy, focus and love for the game."

And overall, Banks said of Snyder's presence, "He's a legend. You look up to him."

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