Position Changes

Spring Practices are underway and for those who have wondered what changes there will be with the return of Head Coach Bill Snyder - it is immediately evident. Coach Snyder outlines the player changes he is making as well as the "values" he wants to improve.

Bill Snyder called the out of season program "fairly extensive" with the sessions designed to improve on the "intrinsic values" of the team.

Yes, the Wildcat coach has not changed from his first 17-year stay as football coach. The intrinsics.

"My message has been centered around the discipline that needs to be a part of what we do as a program," said Snyder. "Great emphasis was placed on leadership with a great emphasis put on hard work and effort beyond what they may feel they are capable of doing." Snyder said the team has been "receptive," but with inconsistencies going from some good days to some bad days.

As opposed to lifting mountains and running faster than a speeding bullet, Snyder said the emphasis was placed on movement and developing the capacity to change direction with quickness. Kansas State culminated the off-season program on Thursday with the "Cat Relays," which includes a series of strength and conditioning drills that are scored in the weight room and on the field.

Snyder was not specific in what players are lifting and how fast they're running team-wide, but only said, "They have not been overwhelming. They were rather average. Was there an improvement made over a period of time? I would say 72 to 78 percent improvement in those things you measure with a stopwatch or by weight.

"So yes, there was some progress, but was it as rapid as I would like ... no," Snyder said. "Was it as complete as I would like ... no, but yes there was some progress."

For now, only Lamark Brown going from running back to wide receiver is the lone position change entering spring drills. Snyder, however, did say, "I suggest there will be others." As a coaching staff, Snyder said, "We constantly are asking, 'Would this young man be better suited here, or there?' " But in the end, he said, "We're not going to force a position change. At the end of the day it is the decision of the player."

Asked about questionable areas on the team, Snyder quipped, "How many players do we have on the team? Eleven on each side of the ball, plus our special teams?"

And what's why Snyder likes spring practice: "We have a chance to formulate some of those answers. We may not like the answers, but nevertheless, we can formulate some (answers) pretty quickly."

K-State's first spring workout will be Sunday, while the 15th practice will be the Purple-White game on May 2 at 3 p.m. Of the late start, Snyder said, "Everything has a time and a place. We needed that extended time with our out of season program to develop things and then take that next step into spring practice."

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