Blog- Attrition within the Program

Mark Janssen blogs about the latest attrition within the program and his thoughts on the departures, some known others in the making.

Attrition follows every football coach, no matter the sport.

And that's been the case with Kansas State football coach Bill Snyder in his return to pilot the Wildcat football program.

Deon Murphy was the highest profile of the casualties, but the lineup of "going elsewheres" reportedly includes Olu Hall, Tony Purvis, Jayson Cuba, Edward Prince, Kendrick Matthews and Justin Woods.

Cuba is reportedly entering the Air Force; the word is that Prince left before the end of the 2008 season; and with the others, it's more than likely an unwillingness to buy in to the ways of Snyder.

As the Wildcat coach said several weeks ago, "It's about our program and doing things the way our program is defined. If you can't follow that format, then you're not going to get the chance to play here."

He would add, "It's the decision of the player. It's his decision to do what is asked of him. He makes the decision."

With Snyder, there's a no cap, no earring rule (or ear screws, in Snyder's wordage) inside the Vanier Sports Complex.

There's also what is affectionately called the "Snyder Time" rule, which defined means be five minutes early.

The rules are like they were 20 years ago when Snyder first came to Kansas State.

At that time it was the 8-8-8 rule. Break rules and at 6 a.m. on Sunday, players would be required to run eight laps around the football field, run the stadium steps (one at a time) eight times, and go the length of the field doing up-downs eight times.

In the early days, players sat with both feet on the floor with eyes focused on the speaker. If an outsider to the football program, one clap would be given at the introduction, and one after the meeting. In Snyder's mind, it was to show discipline and team unity.

Today's form of discipline is called "PI," or, "Price of Irresponsibility." Players who are late, or not attentive to team rules, get a 5 a.m. wake-up call, followed by a 6 a.m. workout at the stadium.

Players who break rules, and not adhere to the penalties, are shown the door.

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