Snyder Happy With Early Work

Spring Work-outs are well underway and Head Coach Bill Snyder says that although there is still alot of hard work that needs to be done, after 15 or so workouts, he is happy with the progress being made.

"I have been somewhat pleased with the progress from practice one to practice number two," Snyder said. "The majority of time is being spent on fundamentals and both practices have been without pads due to NCAA rule requirements. We have also implemented a vast amount of our offense and defense, which has challenged their learning and retention capabilities. They have done reasonably well with that, but greater tests await them."

The Wildcats have also put a focus on the kicking game so far in workouts and continued their emphasis on daily improvement both on and off the field.

"We have also spent a great deal of time with the kicking game," Snyder added. "As is true with both offense and defense, the kicking game is at best somewhat inconsistent after the first two days."

"The players' attitudes have been positive as they attempt to enhance their work habits. As was true during the out of season program, there is still great emphasis being placed on intrinsic values and the capacity for daily improvement and strict focus during meetings and practices. The coaching staff is constantly evaluating players in terms of those intrinsic values as well as their techniques and performance levels."

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