QB Transferring to Kansas State

Kansas State lands a Quarterback! Heading into Spring Football, many questions surrounding the Quarterback Position existed - Kansas State moved one step closer to a solution tonight.... Want the Latest Breaking News? Click Here.

The paperwork has not yet been completed and that is all that is holding Grant Gregory back from transferring officially to Kansas State.

The back-up quarterback at University of South Florida spoke exclusively with KStateFans.com this evening about his eminent transfer to K-State.

"Really it was such a weird thing how all this came about. Last friday morning, I was sleeping on the locker room floors, taking a nap in between classes and Coach Leavitt came in and woke me up and said I have an opportunity for you, call Kansas State. So of course I called Coach Snyder at Kansas State and I had a scholarship the next day. Coach Leavitt had already called Coach Snyder and so he knew all about me and after watching my film - he said he wanted me at Kansas State. He said he knew right away from watching my film he wanted me and I had a scholarship the very next day," said Gregory.

At 6-foot-1 and 1/4 inches and 209 pounds as of this morning (Grant, I told you I would get your height exactly right), Gregory is being brought in to compete immediately at quarterback.

"All of the quarterbacks at Kansas State are obviously very talented, there is no doubt about that. They are all D1 quarterbacks and players- you do not end up at K-State and not be good. But I am a senior and I have been told I will be given the reps and a chance to come in and play and compete. That is all I want is a chance to come in and show what I can do and win the job. What I do with the reps is up to me, that is something I can do and either make it happen or not but having that chance is exciting. Just being able to go to a BCS school like Kansas State, I hear they pack their stadium and have 46 to 47 thousand fans every game, just to play for a school like that - that is very exciting and all I could ask for. Just to be able to compete and earn the starting role, that is exciting," Gregory told KStateFans.

With the approval of Coach Leavitt and USF, Gregory says that this is his final year as a sixth year senior and his ready to make the best of it.

The staff at USF really has been great, I would not be going to Kansas State without them and them making calls and sending my films. They are happy that I am going to have a chance to go in and play for Coach Snyder and I am excited to get there and show what I can do."

"I have never even seen Manhattan, I have been filling out paperwork all day and trying to get everything to the NCAA. Hopefully all of that will be taken care of and I can get the paperwork done really soon. I mean soon as in it should nto be long at all, I have been sending everything that they need in transcripts and grades , just paperwork but it is a process. It should be done soon and then everything is settled. I have never been to K-State so I am going to take a visit this next weekend and then I will be ready to go June 1st with the team. June 1st is when I will be with the team and start. I need to get my graduate school papers in too and I am ready to play. This is my last year and I am coming in to compete and play quarterback hopefully at Kansas State. I am excited to get there and get going. The sooner the better."

How Grant ended up at Kansas State is a story all by itself but suffice it to say Eastern Kentucky did not have the same relationship as Coach Bill Snyder has developed over the years.

"I was really looking to transfer and have a chance to play my last year but academics are really important and Kansas State has the same type of majors I am looking at for my grad work. I had looked at Eastern Kentucky and a lot of division 1AA schools looked at me but literally this almost happened overnight. Coach Leavitt made the calls and now I am heading to K-State," said an exalted Gregory.

With paperwork the only thing standing in the way of his official transfer to Kansas State, Gregory said he cannot wait for the whirlwind process to be over, "the sooner the better. I cannot wait to get to Kansas State and be a Wildcat!"

We will have more next week with Grant and an in-depth story about his transfer and goals following his official paperwork being completed. Welcome to Kansas State Grant.

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