KSU Improving "A Little Bit"

Kansas State heads into the final week of spring practices with coach Bill Snyder "a little bit" encouraged with the progress of the team. At Tuesday's press conference, the Wildcat coach explained how the team has improved, and even named a starting offensive line for Saturday's 3 p.m. Purple-White game.

When it comes to progress, Kansas State football coach Bill Snyder said, "… the improvement has been kind of like pulling teeth. It has been so very, very gradual."

Roughly half way through the 15-practice spring camp, Snyder thought he saw "improvements we could define."

That was followed by a five-day break for recruiting for the coaches.

"When we came back, we were set back. We didn't take off where we left off," Snyder said. "It set us back maybe three or four days from where we were."

While "ugly at times," Snyder said during Tuesday's press conference, "I have seen us get to a point which well exceeds where we were halfway through. This past week we have seen marked improvement in a variety of different ways."

While still consistently inconsistent, Snyder added, "When we step away from all of it, we are better now than we were five practices ago and I think exceedingly better than we were when we started."

Where the team is on a scale of 1 to 10, Snyder said, "I don't know." But he does know this: "We are becoming a little more focused football team. We've learned to practice a little bit better."

And the Wildcat coach added, "A little bit counts."

Snyder praised the work of quarterback Carson Coffman in the last week, but added that the position is like all others on the team.

"Each position has its own set of circumstances that you have to deal with," Snyder said.

"In some cases it deals with fundamentals, other cases it deals with the capacity of plays and the explosive type of football, and other times it can be the personnel. It's a variety of reasons for concern for each and every group (position) that we have."

Snyder does say that the team, overall, is more assignment and alignment sound: "We aren't shooting ourselves in the foot before the ball is snapped."

On defense, he said the team is doing a better job of adjusting to formations, and assignment-wise, fewer mistakes are being made.

"There's been improvement, but it's so inconsistent," Snyder said.

Giving pass protection as an example,, Snyder said it can be "very acceptable" on one, two and three snaps, but then the protection "goes in the tank' for three or four snaps. "We have to develop some consistency."


OFFENSIVE LINE? Nick Stringer, LT; Brock Unruh, LG; Wade Weibert, Trevor Viers or Zach Kendall, C; Colten Freeze, RG; Clyde Aufner, RT.

THE INJURED:,br> Without naming names, Snyder said up to 10 Wildcats will miss Saturday's spring game due to injuries.

Making a move in position is Garden City Community College transfer Kadero Terrell from linebacker to defensive end, plus offensive lineman Ken Mayfield, who is moving from tackle to guard.
Getting a look-see at safety is backup running back Logan Dold.

The defensive backfield has been plagued by injury and talent. Snyder listed Joshua Moore as a starter at one cornerback, while Tysyn Hartman will start at one safety. The other positions are "up for grabs."

Snyder said he's liked the work of punters George Pierson and newcomer Ryan Doerr.


"The format will be identical to what we have always done in the past," said Snyder. "We will have the number one offense and the number two defense on one side, and the number one defense and number two offense will be on the other side. The kicking game will be watered down."

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