Brandon Harold Sidelined: "For Some Time"

On Tuesday, Kansas State Head Football Coach Bill Snyder announced that sophomore defensive end Brandon Harold was injured and may be out for some length of time. Coach Snyder went on to single out other players that are "banged up" and have injuries. Kansas State continues to have plans to scrimmage.

After running a story just yesterday about the riches of depth at Defensive End, Coach Snyder announced that Brandon Harold imjured his knee and may be out for some time. Although a blow to the depth at defensive end, Harold's injury will open up the opportunity for competition at one DE spot with many candidates having a chance to step up their game and replace Harold.

During a Tuesday press conference, coach Bill Snyder revealed that he had "... a bunch of players that were gimping around right now." More injuries than normal? "Probably so, probably so," he answered.

One of those believed to be benched is standout defensive end Brandon Harold, who has been rumored to be sidelined for quite some time. To that, Snyder would only say, "We've got quite a few guys banged up. Brock (Unruh) will be out for the season, but that's the only one we anticipate losing for that extended period of time."

Unruh suffered an off-season chest injury in the weight room.

Snyder did say that defensive tackle Jeffrey Fitzgerald had been getting snaps at defensive end, but with the lack of depth, the Wildcat coach said that several players on both sides of the ball were learning more than one position.

Snyder said it's a rugged time of the year with players starting their day at 6:30 a.m. and not ending until 11 p.m. "They're either eating, in meetings, or on the practice field," Snyder said.

Punter - Ryan Doerr, transfer from South Carolina; Kicker - Josh Cherry, a junior; Return men - Brandon Banks, Daniel Thomas, John Hubert, Tramaine Thompson, Tysyn Hartman and Josh Moore.

Snyder said that the team has had one full-scale scrimmage, plus three others of the 30-minute variety.

"There have been good plays and bad plays," said Snyder. "Overall, we lacked a fair degree of consistency."

Offensively, while lacking the consistency it takes to move the chains, the Wildcat coach said he liked multiple big plays.

Defensively, he liked the fact that it kept the offense from moving the ball consistently, but was disappointed in the fact it gave up the big plays.

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