Five Big Questions After Week #1

The good news is that Kansas State is 1-0. But questions? There are scads of them following last week's opening four-point victory over UMass. Here are five biggies. How many do you feel good about?


Can Carson Coffman be, as Brandon Banks says, "Our man." No, he doesn't have Josh Freeman tools, but what Coffman has always done is win. Don't take lightly the fact that his club went undefeated in his final two years of high school.
Coffman will need offensive help. He doesn't have the physical abilities to hoist the team on his back and personally win a game.
BUT, his history indicates that he has the knack of being a winner, which can't be measured with a ruler, scales or radar gun.
Grant Gregory will provide much needed depth at the position. Will these two never-been starters be Big 12 quality? It looked like it in the second quarter, but what about periods one, three and four?


K-State fans saw the best, and worst, in special teams play against UMass. Yes, Chris Carney blocked a punt, and yes, Emmanuel Lamur batted down a field goal attempt.
But then came the second half when Brandon Banks fumbled away a punt and Ryan Doerr had a punt blocked. Both resulted in UMass touchdowns.
Oh yes, there was also the missed 38-yard field goal attempt by Josh Cherry. Will the real Wildcat specialists step up.

Emmanuel Lamur (FS), no experience; Troy Butler (DB), no experience; David Garrett, no experience; backups Stephen Harrison (CB) and Logan Dold (FS), no experience.
Will those two-deep newcomers come along quickly enough as the final line of defense to be "players" by the time the Big 12 rolls around?


If it's true that games are won in the trenches, do you like K-State-s chances?
The Wildcats used a total of eight offensive linemen, but were constantly shifting positions looking for the right combination. Collectively, they had a total of 31 career starts entering the game with 21 of those belonging to LT Nick Stringer with C Trevor Viers having seven and the other three to Colten Freeze.
With injuries to Brandon Harold and Kadero Terrell, the 'Cats are playing without two of their three best defensive ends. Inside, Hansen Sekona is listed as a backup tackle … at 230 pounds. Fragile is the word.


It's going hot and sticky in Lafayette on Saturday. That's a given. It's going to be warmish in LA the following week. That's pretty much a given.
K-State had cramping issues this past week in 76-degree weather, so what are they going to be like in these next two weeks on the road?
Throw in that depth issue, or the lack of depth, K-State has across the board, and one wonders who might win the second half of each game.

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