Snyder to Play For Grandpa Snyder

The Kansas State Wildcats have a new verbal commitment … and the last name is familiar. Manhattan High linebacker/receiver Tate Snyder has announced that he will play for his grandfather, and the Wildcats.

It will be the easiest sign coach Bill Snyder ever had.

"I'm going to Kansas State. I'm going to play under my grandpa and my dad," said Manhattan High school linebacker Tate Snyder. "That was an easy decision to make."

The Snyder family went through the formalities last week when coach Bill Snyder offered his grandson a scholarship, and it was eagerly accepted.

Tate, who is also working as a tight end this year for the 3-0 Manhattan High Indians, will be continuing the Snyder tradition. His father,

Sean, first followed coach Snyder to K-State and became an all-American punter in the early-1990s.

Next was Ross Snyder, coach Snyder's son, who first attended Butler County Community College and then transferred to K-State in 1997 as a running back. Now it's Tate's turn with the early commitment. "I wanted to sign early just to keep my mind clear," said the youngest Snyder. "I just want to play football. I hope I can have a good experience playing for him (grandpa Snyder) like my dad did in college."

While retired, coach Snyder saw many of his grandson's games last year. Games he will miss this year due to his coaching duties.

"I'm sure he'll get to the home games if he can, but coaching is a priority for him, and I understand that," Tate Snyder said. "We knew it would be like this. Before he went back into coaching he called all the family members and asked if we were OK with it. We were."

But yes, his grandfather's return did come as a surprise.

"I didn't think he would come back," the future Wildcat said. "He loves to coach and I knew he would want to get back, but I just didn't know it would be as soon as it was."

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