Beasley Back With Heat

For Michael Beasley, the 2009-10 NBA basketball season cannot start soon enough. The former Wildcat spent much of his late-summer days in a Houston rehabilitation center, but is now back in Miami preparing for his sophomore season.

Michael Beasley says, "Being locked down for as long as I was gave me a chance to really get my life organized and get back in tough with myself. I think over this past year, I've got caught up in the NBA life, as most of us do.

This gave me a perfect time to sit down and evaluate my life and get the good separated from the bad."

The Associated Press reports that Beasley denies that it was a substance abuse problem that put him a rehabilitation center in Houston since mid-August.

During his season at K-State, at times Beasley seemed to relish in defining himself as nothing more than "a kid."

Now he says, "I've come to realize I'm a professional, no matter if I'm 38, no matter if I'm 19 or 20. I'm a professional."

Notified that he would be spending more time than he originally thought in Houston, Beasley went to his Twitter page where he wrote, "Feelin like it's not worth livin!!!!! I'm done," and, "I feel like the whole world is against me. I can't win for losin."

Today, Beasley says he is completely done with Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and all other social networks.

The Associated Press quotes Beasley as saying, "I put my career and my livelihood in jeopardy. That's something I worked day in and day out, hour after hour for. To lose it over some internet social network, garbage network, it's not smart at all."

During his stay in Houston, Beasley worked out for 60 to 90 minutes a day, which included sessions with Miami Heat personnel, who made trips to see Beasley.

Beasley does not expect any further punishment from the NBA, but the understanding is that if there is another substance abuse issue, he would deal with a suspension.

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