Snyder Shoulders The Blame

"It's my responsibility." Not that he should, but Kansas State coach Bill Snyder was shouldering much of the blame in Saturday's fiasco in Lubbock. In multiple areas, the loss was the worst in the Snyder-era, and in some the worst performance in Wildcat history. Final score: Texas Tech 66, Kansas State 14.

The 66 points given up to Texas Tech were the most ever given up by a Bill Snyder coached team.

The 52-point loss – 66-14 -- was the worst suffered by the coach in his 17-plus years with the Wildcats.

Afterward, he admitted, "I don't know that I've ever experienced a game exactly like this." The answer is, he had never experienced such a long three-hour period of football.

"I made a promise to many people that I would try to get this football team to be better week in and week out and we didn't get better today by any stretch of the imagination," Snyder said. "We took some major steps backwards in all facets of our game."

On offense, K-State mustered just 284 yards per game with 209 of those coming on the final four possessions long after the game had been decided. Seven of KSU's first nine possessions lasted no more than four plays.

On defense, the Wildcats allowed Tech to score on their first six possessions. K-State allowed 9.9 yards per play and a total of 739 yards. Twelve … that's 12 … Tech plays went for better than 20 yards. The eight team TD passes by the Red Raiders and the seven personal scoring throws by Steven Sheffield were all-time highs against K-State in a single game.

Overall, Kansas State had nine penalties for 78 yards, which included four on its first possession of the game. The Wildcats were flagged three times on kickoff returns.

Afterward, Snyder chose to blame himself: "I'm awfully disappointed. I've made some dramatic mistakes that put us in a position that made us perform like we did today. I think we're a little bit better football team than the outcome indicated, but we certainly didn't present ourselves that way today."

The question today is what to do now. Six games into a 12-game season, how does a team recover from such a showing?

Coach Snyder?

"Well I think you just have to start again. As I told our football team in a very, very brief message, we're halfway through the season and we just need to start again," Snyder said. "I've let them down by not getting them better after they had made incremental progress throughout the course of the season and then took a tremendous nose dive.

"It's my responsibility to get them to become a better football team and that's exactly what we're going to set out to do beginning on Monday," Snyder said.

Then he warned, "They're in a position now where either somebody steps up, or you take a deeper dive in the tank. We'll see how they respond."

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