What A Difference A Day Makes!

At times the game just doesn't make any sense. K-State wasn't near as bad as it demonstrated in a 66-14 loss to Texas Tech, and likely not near as good as the 62-14 victory over Texas A&M would indicate. While somewhere in between of those two games, the Wildcats find themselves in first place in the Big 12 with a 2-1 league record heading into Saturday's play against Colorado.

Saturday was a night for old-time Kansas State football.

Run any play wish for success on offense; play Lynch Mob-type defense; and, score on special teams.

The Wildcats did all of the above Saturday in a 62-14 pasting of Texas A&M at Bill Snyder Family Stadium.

The win completed the biggest two-game swing – 100 points -- in Kansas State history. That's going from a 52-point loss at Texas Tech to a 48-point win over the Aggies.

As quarterback Grant Gregory, who was 10-of-13 for 147 yards, said, "What can you say? Football is a game of matchups and I guess we didn't match up with Texas Tech very well, but we matched up with A&M well. That's just football. You don't have a clue of what's going to happen on any given day."

For coach Bill Snyder, he didn't get too low after the Tech game, nor will he get too high after the win over the Aggies.

Of the rebound, he said, "The whole week the main focus was on playing with great spirit and effort, and I think the guys are closing the gap on that. I was concerned with the capacity of staying focused and being able to visualize the whole process that it takes."

That, Snyder emphasized, starts before game day on Saturday.

"It takes visualization snap, after snap, after snap, after snap to prepare yourself to play one snap," Snyder said. "Young people want to just go play the game, and when you just go play the game, you don't play it as well as you're capable of."

Saturday, K-State played as well as it was capable of. As Gregory said, "We had to respond. We had to prove what kind of team we are. Are we going to lay down or come back? I think we showed that we are a team with character."

The defense played with the character of the old Lynch Mob defense. While having only six sacks and 25 tackles for negative yards through the first six games, on this day K-State scored six sacks and 12 tackles for minus-yards.

Not only that, but A&M quarterback Jerrod Johnson has a Big 12 record run of 242 straight passes without an interception (dating back to last year) end with the Wildcats picking off three.

Tysyn Hartman said it was just a matter of "…taking advantage of every mistake they made because we were executing so well. It just shows how well we can play when there are no missed assignments and no missed tackles."

Snyder admitted that the first half was as well as K-State had played all year, but stopped short of calling it a perfect overall outing.

"We could have blocked more crisply and not made a few mental mistakes that we made. You can always play better," said the Wildcat coach. "If it was perfect, we would score on every snap or force a fumble and recover it every snap they had the ball. We didn't do that, but we played well."

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