Klein Only Wants To Help ‘Family'

MANHATTAN, Kan. -- Carson Coffman, Collin Klein or Sammuel Lamur? Those are the Kansas State quarterbacking candidates to be No. 1 when the fall season rolls around. At this point, coach Bill Snyder only groups them as one with each having a bit of an individual quality – Coffman's experience, Klein's size and physicalness, and Lamur's athleticism – that could eventually put them at the top.

Collin Klein is all about team.

Recruited as a quarterback, Klein was needed last year as a wide receiver, and he willingly moved his 6-foot-5, 233-pound frame from behind center out to the right, or left, becoming the catcher instead of the passer.

But this is a new year, and coach Bill Snyder has an open-door policy to one and all quarterbacking candidates, which has meant moving Klein back to QB.

"I just want to be on the field serving this team," said the Loveland, Colo., native. "Coach Snyder preaches about family, and he doesn't just say it. He means it. I'm part of that family, so anything I can do to help that family, I'm all for it."

Klein was ranked as the seventh-best prospect in the state of Colorado out of Loveland High School in 2007. In his senior season, he completed 66 percent of his passes for 1,398 yards and 12 touchdowns, plus rushed for 745 yards and scored another 10 touchdowns.

After redshirting at K-State in 2008, Klein completed his only pass attempt for 27 yards in 2009, plus caught six passes for 38 yards and a touchdown.

"I learned a lot last year, and it was great just to be able to help the team," said Klein. "I learned a lot as a receiver, but also through the season I spent time with coach Miller (Del, offensive coordinator) developing my (quarterback) skills."

And the answer is a quick, "No sir," when asked if it was a wasted year in terms of his quarterbacking future.

"Not at all. I worked hard with coach Miller developing my mental approach to the game even though I wasn't taking the physical reps on Saturdays," Klein said. "It was a growing experience for me. It helped me become a better overall player."

As this spring season completes its first week, Klein says he's strictly a quarterback, at least for now.

"I definitely have enough to keep me busy right now," quipped Klein of vying for the starting quarterback position along with senior Carson Coffman and junior Sammuel Lamur.

"It's different getting back under center, but it's a great opportunity. We'll see what happens."

While each player has his own individual style, Klein said, "The question is who can serve the team the best with what we want to do as a unit. But it's not about one person, or one position. It's about an offensive unit and about a team getting ready to compete."

And, Klein fully believes that this Wildcat team is ready to compete. He says it's a more "mature" team, plus, "Part of it is knowing what we're doing offensively with Xs and Os, but there's also a better toughness factor that is helping get us get ready to play."

For Klein, the spring has meant a return to an old position.

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