Continued Strides In The K-State Camp

MANHATTAN, Kan. -- Kansas State has only four more practices this spring season with the final of those being on Saturday with the Annual Spring Game at Bill Snyder Family Stadium starting at 6:10 p.m. After a slow second week, coach Bill Snyder was more pleased with the third work week, but remains concerned with the inconsistencies of the team.

Consistently inconsistent, perhaps, but the fact is that Kansas State's football team is getting better.

As a team, and with individuals, coach Bill Snyder puts one hand at one level, and another hand a foot higher, as he says, "We've gone from here to here, but with multiple highs and lows."

After a good first week, and a lackluster second week of spring practice, Snyder said last week started slowly, but finished strong with a spirited practice Friday afternoon, followed by a full scrimmage Saturday.

"We were able to put two practices back to back with a certain level of spirit, which was a positive," said Snyder. "We demonstrated an ability to focus over a period of time."

Of the scrimmage, Snyder said it consisted of a variety of segments – 3rd and short, 3rd and long, goal line situations, two-minute offense, the kicking game, etc.

"You can't win when you're going 1s vs. 1s because 50 percent of the team is good and 50 percent is not," said Snyder. "But it was interesting the way it played out because we alternated segments, almost like clockwork, where the offense was good and the defense bad, and then the defense was good, but not the offense."

Snyder listed reserve running back William Powell, the collection of punters, plus kicker Josh Cherry as some of the headliners of the scrimmage.

And, for the second straight week, Snyder said, "Jarell Childs continues to make headway.

The position is new to him (moving from running back to linebacker), so you expect him to get better day in and day out, but he's proven to us the capacity to play the position. For now, he's just trying to learn what's going on around him." Snyder also indicated that Kadero Terrell, a former defensive end, was making the fit at the inside linebacker position.

While inconsistent, Snyder said, "He's proven that he can play the position. It's a permanent move."

Snyder says that Brandon Harold is continuing to make progress, but of newcomers Ray Kibble (6-4, 296) and Javonta Boyd (6-2, 288) to the defensive line, he said, "The other two haven't learned how to practice in this environment. The capabilities are there, but they're still learning how to practice. Until you do that, it's going to impede your practice."

Of the play of the d-line, Snyder defined it as improved in the terms of "aggressiveness" and "consistency over an extended period of time."

Bolstering the play in the secondary has been the addition of grayshirt freshman Ty Zimmerman, who started spring ball as a quarterback.

"Ty is what you expect from being the son of a coach (Randall Zimmerman, Junction City, Kan., High School). He has that global picture of the game. He has a good feel and good instincts," said Snyder. "He practiced there (safety) one day having never been in a meeting, and he showed instincts that caught our attention. He'll stay as a safety."

Overall, Snyder said of the defense, "I would say that collectively we are probably competing with a greater spirit and playing with a little more aggression with a good percentage of our defensive unit."

Snyder indicated that the quarterback position was still too close to call between senior Carson Coffman and sophomore Collin Klein. The Wildcat coach said he was "not prepared" to name a starter, and not surprisingly, indicated that would likely not come until 10 days prior to the opener against UCLA on Sept. 4.

K-State's spring game will be Saturday, April 24, with a 6:10 p.m. start at Bill Snyder Family Stadium.

Monday, Snyder indicated that it wouldn't be determined until Thursday as to whether the scrimmage would follow his normal format of 1s playing against 1s.

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