LeAndrew Gordon's close family ties

The 2009 newcomer of the year in Texas TAPPS Division II was on hand for a camp at Kansas State University. LeAndrew Gordan of Pantego Christian Academy in Arlington, Texas, who is a rising sophomore in the fall, was out competing with some of the lauded rising seniors who made the trip to Manhattan.

"It went really well," said LeAndrew Gordon of the camp. "The staff was very professional, I learned a lot and got to compete against some very good athletes."

Gordan, 5-6, 160, plays wide receiver and safety at Pantego. He won't graduate until 2013, so the trip was a learning experience as well as a chance to hone his skills.

"Curry Sexton was really playing well," said Gordan. "So was Daniel Sams. There were a couple of guys from Topeka who played well, but I forgot their names. I felt I did pretty well myself. All I can say is I did my best. I think I gave the coaches something to look at in the future."

At Pantego Christian, Gordon missed the first two games due to transfer. He went on to become 3rd on his team in scoring, was tied for first in interceptions, and was named the league's newcomer of the year. Although he prefers safety, he played mostly cornerback and slot receiver.

"Last year I was in kind of a rush because I hadn't played football in three years," said Gordon. "The love of the game brought me back. Next season I hope the game slows down more for me with having a year of experience. I want to work on my reads, and hopefully get more confident in where I want to be."

Gordon is lightning fast. He also competes in track, baseball, and basketball at Pantego Christian.

"You're not going to believe it, but my best 40 time is 4.31," said Gordon. "The coaches wanted me to do it again with a different watch, so the next time I did it I ran a 4.33.

"My speed helps my game, but I also have good agility, quickness. I think I can get off the line and beat any corner out there."

LeAndrew is the son of Joe Gordon, a former All-American at Kansas State and professional with the St. Louis Rams who now serves as the school in recruiting operations.

"I've been a die-hard Wildcat ever since I was little," said Gordon. "My Dad played there from '92 to '96, so that got me on them. It was nice to get away from the big city. The people there are great. The campus is pretty. I loved it."

Gordon still has a lot of football to play being a '13 graduate. Some colleges, however, are already standing out to him if given the opportunity in just a couple year's time.

"I want to be in a good location," Gordon said of a college choice. "I'd like to be in a town that's friendly. I'm going to look at academics and what I plan to do after athletics are over for me.

"I want to go somewhere I'll be a key player and not just a bench player. Kansas State would have to be my top choice.

"I love the Longhorns, and Oklahoma and Florida both have excellent programs. If football doesn't work out, I'd like to go up north to an Ivy League college like a Princeton or Yale."

That could easily happen as Gordon reports an A-average in course work over his freshman year. Gordon's definitely one to watch as he progresses through his high school career in the 'Big D' area.

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