Media Days - Coach Snyder

Media Days bring the first look at what will become this years' stories on teh gridiron. This past week, KStateFans attended Media Days and Coach Snyder gave his thoughts on his Wildcats.

Kansas State Head Coach Bill Snyder

On the battle for the starting quarterback spot…

"Well I think the gap is closing right now. The opportunity for Sammuel (Lamur) to be a part of that has remained open and he has proven to us that he can remain a part of that mix. I wouldn't say that anyone has a clear lead at the quarterback position. I would say that when we take the reps, Carson (Coffman) takes the first rep, Collin (Klein) takes the second rep and Sammuel takes the third. We aren't going to invest that kind of repetition unless there is a belief that they are on an equal stage and will remain competitive for the spot. If we had the decision, I would tell you, and we would go with it. We would not equalize their reps."

On Brandon Harold coming back from injury last season…

"Number one, I would expect him to work diligently to make up ground. I would expect the same thing that I expect from any other youngster in our program. I think he is practicing well, I see some positive things. I think that there is still a lot of learning to take place for him, just from missing the opportunity to be on the field in a little bit different of a system. It takes some time, but I think he is responding to that well at this point."

On the development of Prizell Brown on the defensive line…

"Prizell has been prominent up to this point in time. He is larger now than he was, he has gained some weight and he is really handling the weight well. I think that takes some getting used to, and what I do not want to do is impede his quickness, because he has some good quickness up front. He will get to the right weight that will allow him to be as quick as he is capable of, while at the same time remaining physical."

On the team's improvement from year one to now…

"We still have so much to accomplish, and I would hate to take anything for granted. You would like to think that with a year of experience in a different environment that you would improve, and I would like to think that has taken place. I certainly would not take it for granted that it will continue to do that. I thought that we were a better team coming out of spring than we were going in. I think that what I have seen these first couple of days, and this is really early, that we are a little bit better football team today than we were at the end of spring practice. That is a positive thing. It means that they have taken a stride or two over the course of the summer. To be able to say that we are going to be a better football team or a more successful football team, that is a little hard to put a handle on right now."

On the effort of Braden Wilson

"Braden doesn't change. Braden is kind of like I am in that respect. He is one of those guys that is going all-out every time you see him. No matter what the snap might be, he does it like it is supposed to be done. You would like to have 105 Braden Wilsons. That does not mean other guys do not work hard, but I think that Braden kind of sets the standard in that respect. He knows one speed and that is everything you have got every single snap. I love him to death for that."

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