NCAA Investigating Kiffin - Brown

One year ago, the NCAA had imposed penalties against then Tennessee recruit Bryce Brown for deemed offense's that had taken place as a prep player in Kansas.

With the help of compliance, a four game suspension that surrounded whether he benefited from improperly raised monies for Brown to visit colleges and collegiate football camps during his sophomore year of high school were cleared.

One year later, the NCCA wishes to speak with Brown for a second time in a little more than one year's time. This time Brown's father, Arthur Brown says the NCAA has asked to speak about the recruiting practices of Lane Kiffin while at Tennessee.

In another interview with ESPN, Arthur Brown says the NCAA "want(s) to talk about the recruiting practices of Tennessee under Kiffin."

Kiffin has adamantly been insistent that he did nothing wrong while at Tennessee, acknowledging six minor secondary infractions during the time period.

Arthur Brown also says that he has denied the NCAA's request for the time being, so he can concentrate on his son's appeal that was heard in Knoxville on Wednesday to allow his son to transfer.

Derek Dooley has denied Brown's election to transfer from Tennessee, stating that Brown did not follow the necessary criteria that other players are held and bound by concerning transfers.

The Volunteers outlined the steps necessary to receive a transfer for a player after Brown came into Knoxville when SEC Media Days kicked off in Birmingham.

Brown chose to leave two days later without meeting with Dooley on Monday or Tuesday, the 26th and 27th of July.

Joe Schad previously reported that Arthur Brown claimed his son and Dooley had met on Saturday when Dooley returned from SEC Media Days.

Brown has been embroiled in controversy since the NCAA investigated Brian Butler, who had promoted himself to media as a handler for the nations number one recruit during his senior season as a prep player in Wichita.

It has often given the illusion that Bryce has no real say so himself involving his own career. His father hopes their appeal to Tennessee overturns Dooley's decision, citing family illness that had not been disclosed previously.

Dooley released tackle Aaron Douglas who also decided at the same time Brown announced he did not wish to take part in spring ball a transfer to a junior college in Yuma, AZ.

Douglas has now applied for entrance to Southern Cal with Kiffin after telling Dooley he was confused, wanted to get away from home, wanted to play in a band in the spring. In conclusion, all roads are leading west.

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