Carson Coffman to Start at Quarterback

MANHATTAN, Kan - The big news out of Tuesday's Bill Snyder press conference was the conformation that it would be Carson Coffman who would start at quarterback on Saturday. The Wildcat coach said it came down to a "consistency" factor that Coffman had over Collin Klein and Sammuel Lamur. Listed below is the two-deep depth chart for Saturday's opener with UCLA.

Quarterback has been one of the most hotly contested positions throughout fall practices with Carson Coffman, Collin Klein and Sammuel Lamur battling it out to earn the starting position.

Kansas State offensive guard Zach Kendall can say it today about Carson Coffman in 2009: "He would come into the huddle and you could sense an uncertainty. You could see in his eyes that he was nervous. All that is gone. Today he's a quarterback with great confidence."

No one could agree more with Kendall's assessment than Carson Coffman, himself.

"This year I just feel, with the game experience, and the experience of getting pulled, I will be a better quarterback," said Coffman. "I just feel so much more relaxed and loose, where as last year I just put too much pressure on myself."

At Tuesday's weekly press conference, Kansas State football coach Bill Snyder officially announced that Coffman would be his starting quarterback on Saturday when the Wildcats play UCLA at Bill Snyder Family Stadium starting at 2:30 p.m.

He said it came down to a "consistency" factor. Saying that all of the QB candidates have had their "ups and downs … good days and others not so good," the Wildcat coach said that Coffman proved out to be the "most consistent" quarterback over Collin Klein and Sammuel Lamur.

Those are two quarterbacks, according to Snyder, are "on the same line" as backup quarterbacks, and two individuals sure to see the field.

Coffman started the first four games, and played in six games last year. He finished the season with a nifty 61 percent completion rate, but with four interceptions compared to two touchdowns, with both of those in the opener against UMass.

Coffman's final start came in a 23-9 loss at UCLA when he completed 20-of-34 passes for 193 yards, but also had two interceptions.

On how Coffman handled last year's demotion, Snyder said, "Nobody is happy when you lose a starting position, but he handled it quite well and continued to interact with Grant and the other quarterbacks," said Snyder. "He was a great assistance to him, and just did what caring teammates do."

Snyder said Coffman's actions reminded him of how Jonathan Beasley handled losing his potential starting job to Michael Bishop in 1997.

"He's (Beasley) the one who helped Michael become as productive as he was early in his career," said Snyder. "Carson had an impact on how well Grant played last year."

Coffman's game started to show dramatic improvement in the spring when he had just one interception out of 108 passing attempts, and then continued that consistency into fall camp.

In making the decision on which quarterback would be No. 1, Snyder said, "The important things are the consistency factor, not turning the ball over, managing the game, throwing the ball to the appropriate shots and decision making abilities."



WR – Brodrick Smith, 6-2, 212, Soph Adrian Hilburn, 6-1, 196, Sr
LT – Manase Foketi, 6-5, 300, Jr Zach Hanson, 6-8, 305, Jr
LG – Zach Kendall, 6-2, 317, Sr Keenan Taylor, 6-4, 280, Fr
C – Wade Weibert, 6-4, 303, Sr Trevor Viers, 6-5, 292, Sr
RG – Kenneth Mayfield, 6-4, 349, Sr Colten Freeze, 6-4, 294, Jr
RT – Ethan Douglas, 6-6, 300, Soph Clyde Aufner, 6-5, 300, Jr
TE – Travis Tannahill, 6-3, 249, Soph Andre McDonald, 6-8, 277, Fr
QB – Carson Coffman, 6-3, 211, Sr Collin Klein, 6-5, 230, Soph
RB – Daniel Thomas, 6-2, 228, Sr John Hubert, 5-7, 185, Fr
FB – Braden Wilson, 6-3, 254, Soph Lucas Hamm, 6-2, 242, Sr
WR – Tramaine Thompson, 5-7, 164, Fr Chris Harper, 6-1, 232, Soph
WR – Aubrey Quarles, 5-11, 200, Sr Sheldon Smith, 5-11, 171, Sr


DE – Brandon Harold, 6-5, 258, Soph Jordan Voelker, 6-3, 244, Jr
DT – Prizell Brown, 6-2, 284, Sr Payton Kirk, 6-5, 262, Jr D
T – Ray Kibble, 6-4, 296, Jr Raphael Guidry, 6-4, 282, Jr
DE – Antonio Felder, 6-1, 243, Sr Kadero Terrell, 6-1, 242, Jr
LB – Alex hrebec, 5-11, 247, Jr Tre Walker, 6-3, 205, Fr
LB – Jarell Childs, 6-1, 225, Soph Blake Slaughter, 5-10, 230, Soph
LB – Troy Butler, 5-11, 197, Sr Thomas Ferguson, 6-0, 198, Soph
CB – Terrance Sweeney, 5-9, 177, Sr David Garrett, 5-8, 176, Jr
S – Tysyn Hartman, 6-3, 206, Jr Ty Zimmerman, 6-1, 203, Fr
S – Emmanuel lamur, 6-4, 215, Jr Logan Dold, 6-0, 185, Jr
CB – Stephen Harrison, 5-11, 180, Sr Matthew Pearson, 5-8, 187, Jr


PK – Josh Cherry, 6-0, 190, Sr Anthony Cantele, 5-10, 186, Soph
P – Ryan Doer, 6-3, 189, Soph George Pierson, 5-11, 204, Sr
LS – Corey Adams, 6-4, 251, Sr Marcus Heit, 6-3, 235, Fr
KOR – Terrance Sweeney, 5-9, 177, Sr Brodrick Smith, 6-2, 212, Soph
PR – Brodrick Smith, 6-2, 212, Soph Tramaine Thompson, 5-7, 164, Fr

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