NCAA Tourney: Wednesday Links

As the opening rounds approach, the coverage intensifies. Featured stories from around the 'Net.

The consensus seems to be that the NCAA Selection Committee did Arizona no favors with the field it assembled to challenge the No. 1 seed Wildcats in the West Regional. That reaction is based on glancing at the 2, 3 and 4 seeds and seeing Kansas, Duke and Illinois in those slots and going "wow!"

Burlison: A closer look at the West (Fox Sports)


There is little danger No. 2-seeded Kansas University will look past No. 15 seed Utah State in Thursday's NCAA Tournament West Regional opener in Oklahoma City.

Not only do KU's players respect the Aggies because of their 103-28 record since 2000, but also because of what happened to the Jayhawks last March in St. Louis.

Not-so-sweet 16 seed (KU Sports)


To all the folks who forgot about Kirk Hinrich when handing out MVP honors, Big 12 Coaches Player of the Year Nick Collison would like to point out something that happened Saturday.

What about Kirk


The NCAA Tournament selection committee didn't do Arizona any favors. This is by far the toughest regional and toughest half of any bracket. The Wildcats could have to play Illinois just for the right to play Kansas, Duke or even a hot Memphis team along the way to the Final Four. Arizona not only got the toughest No. 2 seed in its bracket, but even if it advances out of the West, the potential of facing Kentucky in New Orleans awaits before the national championship game.

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