Enter the Tournament Challenge

Show off your bracketology and win fabulous prizes from Phog.net!

Our bracketeer with the highset overall score will be showered with lavish praise and win a stunning prize package worth literally tens and tens of dollars! Plus you may even win something from ESPN as well.

Phog.net encourages all its posters (and lurkers!) to join us in the ESPN Tournament Challenge. You need to have a user name, and can sign in here. Be forewarned - due to fancy flash ads this takes a while to load. You will need to search for a group. It is pretty basic - you can find us at Phog.net 1, Phog.net 2, Phog.net 3, and probably Phog.net 4. Groups one and two are closed, but there are a few spots still in Phog.net 3. The password for all groups is "kansas". We will start a fourth and fifth group if needed.

If you are seeking help from the pros, try the following:

Bracket Brains - Nine "experts" sit on the bracket panel and reveal their strategies and choices.

Dos and Don'ts while filling out your bracket - Alternative approaches from FloridaToday. (Thanks, Tony)

Only one more day left to make your picks!

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