Big 12 Coaches Teleconference: Week Four

Turner Gill spoke with the media Monday morning, and was on hand as the first-year head coach of the Kansas Jayhawks touched on big plays, the toughness of Jordan Webb and the future of the running back position.

On the team's energy level Friday night versus Southern Mississippi:

Well, it wasn't necessarily a bad energy. I thought our guys were prepared from that standpoint. But again it's a new staff, first time on the road and all those different things. You had a pretty good environment from the standpoint of Southern Mississippi as far as an away game. So it's again the first time seeing how your guys respond and how they're gonna react to certain things. And with the inexperience sometimes with quarterback and different positions we have, it showed up a little bit.

But I did see our guys continue to compete througout the football game, so when you continue to at least compete throughout the game - as we are a young football team - then we'll see some improvement.

I don't see it as a concern. Again, it's still early in the year and we're still trying to gel as a unit, offensively, defensively and special teams. But more importantly also as coaches to player, and players to coaches, too.

On the performance of redshirt freshman quarterback Jordan Webb:

Well, I thought it was maybe somewhat inconsistent. But I really came away (thinking of) it even better, just because I liked the way he competed. I liked the way he kept his poise through the majority of the game. So there were some pluses there from that standpoint.

Obviously we didn't mesh quite well together offensively on some situations and plays, but I thought overall there was some maturity and growth that came from Jordan Webb in that ball game.

On trying to eliminate big plays by the opposition:

Well, we talk about that every week. There's always going to be anywhere from two to four plays that usually can define a football game and kind of which way the momentum goes. Doesn't mean you're always going to win or lose the game, but it usually takes the game in one direction or the other and you've got to be able to overcome that momentum.

That's the way the game of football is. And so we've gotta make sure every single play, we all do as coaches, you tell every player and every guy on your team that every play is important. You don't know which one of these plays is going to be that big play. We've just gotta go ahead and make sure those few plays are more positive on our side versus being on the negative side.

And again, it's consistency in play. But I think overall I was pleased with the way our guys competed in the ball game. There has been some improvement and we've just got to continue to fine tune those things there and continue to compete, and we'll have enough good plays for us.

On James Sims as the team's potential feature back, and the development of Brandon Bourbon:

Well, i think at this point in times we would say that James Sims is the back. At this point in time I'd say sims and (Deshaun) Sands will be the guys that will get the majority of the time there.

I think he's going to get better and better as he continues to play the game of football here at this level. I think he has done some good things and obviously still has some improvement, but I like what he's doing.

Brandon Bourbon, right now we've kind of got him on hold unless somebody gets hurt – then we'll play him. So right now he's kind of on hold as far as a redshirt goes. In the next game or two if it stays the way it is and no injuries occur, then we'll definitely have him on a redshirt path at this point in time. Top Stories