Fan Voices: From the pep rally

One fan reports on the pep rally at Allen Fieldhouse; a second on Mass Street (sorta)

The team finally arrived at 3:55 a.m. There had to be AT LEAST 5,000 people there. The west side stands were full pretty much to the top, and the end bleachers were mostly filled.

While waiting for the team the crowd chanted "Let's Go Jayhawks", sang the Alma Mater and did the Rock Chalk Chant. P.A. Announcer Howard Hill kept us informed and entertained us with some Jayhawk trivia. He also helped pick out a few people to address the team and coaches.

When they finally arrived the place was rocking. The players walked in and all seemed surprised by the crowd. Kirk and Nick both had nets around their necks. They also both looked like they were about to drop from exhaustion. Some players including Keith, Aaron, Mike Lee, Jeff Hawkins were in their dress suits while the others were in their KU wind suits. Three different people (groups) spoke to the team. This included a little girl who maybe was 4 or so. She said Kirk was her favorite player and how much she would miss him next year. Of course this resulted in a hug from Kirk and a loud ovation. Nick, then Kirk, spoke briefly. Both thanked everyone, said they would do their best etc. Kirk repeated what Coach Holliday had said to him when he saw the crowd "only in Kansas" Coach Williams thanked everyone talked about the team having dreams and even told some people to quiet down because they wanted to go home. They all kept noting it was after 4 a.m. and we were still there.

one of the fans that spoke was a student who was born in Topeka but at a young age moved to a small town in Missouri. She said she was the only one of her graduating class not to go to Moo. She was wearing a Muck Fizzou shirt and said she was taking lots of pictures to send to her Moo friends so they could see for themselves what a Final Four celebration looked liked. Too funny!

All told the team and coaches were there about 15 minutes. It was short but well worth it!!

- Gojhwks1988


For those who were not on Mass Street, it was one hell of a celebration. It was like friggin Mardi Gras. I had a beer in hand and was giving high fives to the endless parade of cars for about half an hour. Awesome night. I can't even sleep now.

-Aural Tooth Top Stories