Press Conference Wrap-Up: Coach Self

Kansas head coach Bill Self met briefly with the media Monday afternoon, to preview Tuesday night's match-up with Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi. was on hand, and is here with a full wrap-up of his remarks.

* Texas A&M – Corpus Christi is athletic, similar to North Texas. Played Oklahoma State tough. They've got a really good scorer on the perimeter, really good scorer on the interior and they're athletic. Solid team.

* Thought they were pretty good against North Texas, looking at the film. Especially defensively in the first 30 minutes, he thought they were pretty good. Considering so many major contributors were on bench early, he thought they did pretty well. Have gotten a little better defensively each game.

* Have had great wins at Allen, but most of them came before the Streak was even a streak. Still, the one that sticks out most in his mind is the Texas win a couple of years ago when Tyshawn and the Twins were freshmen.

* Players might feel invincible at home, but Self knows they're not. Wants players to be confident though. The best home courts are obviously the ones with the best players playing on it. Then other things come into effect – crowd, tradition, atmosphere. Self is respectful of the fact anyone can beat KU, but the guys do have a good air of confidence playing at home.

* Josh Selby will get reps with first team as they get closer to his arrival. When the team gets back from New York is when things will likely ramp up. He's not anxious to get him in there with that group right now, and the second team will be doing a lot of the same things anyway. Top Stories