KU hot on trail of Tennessee DT

December has arrived, and with that comes the label, "The season for giving". One defensive tackle prospect from Memphis, TN could give the program of his choice a commitment in the next couple of months, and that would be one of the best presents the head coach could get.

Terry Redden, the 6'3" 285 lb. defensive tackle from Whitehaven High School, has started to narrow down his list of schools.

"I would like to give every school a chance, so I will most likely visit my top choices."

Those schools include Ole Miss, Clemson, Memphis, Middle Tennessee State, and another school of which Redden has grown extremely fond.

"Kansas is in the lead and I get a lot of mail from them," he said. "Coach Torbush is keeping me informed and he makes me feel very comfortable. I have a good relationship with Coach Turner Gill, and I will visit in January."

Now that the Whitehaven Tigers are out of the running for a title after a tough loss to Smyrna in the Tennessee 6A State Playoffs, Redden will look to be more aggressive in his decision making for college.

"This is a big decision for me," he explained. "It is amazing because it is the next 4 or 5 years of my life, and I have to be comfortable with where I decide. It has to almost feel like being in a second home."

The stout defensive tackle looks to make a decision on or a little before National Signing Day in February, and until then he would like to enjoy the process as much as possible.

"I am enjoying it, and my family will have an impact on my decision. I would love to get in and do the best I can, and I hope to get bigger and stronger, as well as improve my speed."

What are some of the factors that play into Redden's selection?

"I think being in a good location and having good coaches plays a big role," he said. "Once I have taken my visits I will have a better idea of where my best fit truly is."

When asked if playing time was an influential part of where he ends up, the Memphis product had an answer that is uncommon among high school athletes.

"I am a youngster and I just want to do what I can to help when I come in," he said. "I know that I will be new wherever I go and I understand that. If I work hard, I hope that is something that is rewarded."

Along with Kansas, there are several other schools involved in Redden's recruitment. When asked why what he liked about the others, Redden had this to say.

Ole Miss- "I like their program, and Coach Nutt is moving them forward. That's SEC country."

Clemson- "I like their style of play. They have a serious defense, and they have shown lots of interest."

Memphis & Middle Tennessee State- "I like both schools, but at this point I would say that they are not quite as high on my list. I am still trying to set up visits though."

The number a player has on his jersey is part of his pride, and the big defensive tackle wears #56.

He shared why this is the number he would like to wear at the collegiate level if he is presented with the opportunity:

"The number 5 comes from the number of letters in my first name: T-E-R-R-Y. The number 6 comes from the number of letters in my last name: R-E-D-D-E-N. When you put the two together they make ‘56', and that is something I have held on to."

Growing up, Redden watched the Trojans of USC play, and it is now ironic because Coach Lane Kiffin and Coach Ed Orgeron are there. Both of them were recruiting Redden to UT-Knoxville, but now Coach Derek Dooley has been contacting him.

"If I got an offer from USC, I would take a look," he said. "Right now I am looking at what is on the table, and all of those schools want me."

Before he heads to college, Redden wants to improve his awareness of the whole defensive scheme in general, and he thinks that in time, he will do just that.

"I am getting to know certain parts of the defense better," Redden said. "But I think I will be ready when I step on to the field next year."

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