Death in the family

Highlighted articles on the resignation of UNC coach Matt Doherty and speculation surrounding his replacement.

No amount of preparation--even for those who strongly suspected that this was coming--could prepare followers of North Carolina basketball for the finality of the announcement that Matt Doherty's tenure as head coach in Chapel Hill is over after just three seasons.

The Matt Doherty Era - What Went Wrong?

"He's a guy that I recruited, or helped recruit, and helped coach," Williams said at the time. "A guy that I hired and worked for me for seven years. That's the biggest trust you can give somebody, to hire them as an assistant because you're putting your livelihood, your life and your career in their hands. It's a guy I not only respect a great deal but someone I care about a great deal."

Doherty on minds of family members

Let me tell you something. And let me give it to you straight, the way we folks who lived in the Tar Heel State like to talk: Roy Williams ain't goin' to North Carolina. No way. No how. No sir. You want to know why Roy Williams ain't goin' to North Carolina? I'll tell you why -- because it would go against every fiber of his character. And that's what people always seem to miss about Roy Williams. The character point.

Williams isn't about to leave KU for Carolina

North Carolina tells us Matt Doherty resigned Tuesday morning as the school's basketball coach. What happened is Doherty must have rolled out of bed and decided he no longer wanted to lead his alma mater. He probably asked his wife, Kelly, how she planned to spend her day and she said she was going to get her hair done. And Kelly probably asked him how he was going to spend his day and he said he had no plans other than to quit the best job in college basketball.

Truth is elusive in Chapel Hill

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