Chol working through process

As the top-ranked big man left on the board in 2011, Angelo Chol has attracted more than his fair share of attention. With two official visits down and three remaining, the San Diego (CA) Hoover High power forward is staying the course with his plan to decide in the spring.

On the basketball court, there's a difference between doing work and...whatever it is Angelo Chol has been doing this season.

The top uncommitted big man left on the board in 2011, through six games for San Diego (CA) Hoover High School he is averaging 25.5 points, 12.8 rebounds and 10.2 blocks per game. In a game last week, he actually posted 40 points, 19 boards and 15 blocks.

Such production is a little hard to fathom, but Hoover head coach Ollie Goulston said Chol has taken big steps forward in his game in the past year.

"His ball handling and shooting," Goulston said, when asked in what areas Chol has improved the most. "We're playing him on the outside a lot more. He's second on the team in threes right now."

Fans have known from the start that Chol was going to take his time with his recruitment; as he stated his intentions early on to take all five official visits and sign a national letter of intent in the spring.

With two trips under his belt – to Kansas and Alabama – he has three more on the horizon. He will trip to North Carolina on Jan. 2, followed by Arizona on Jan. 29 and Washington on Feb. 11.

All five schools remain even, Goulston said, as Chol is maintaining a level head about the entire process.

"After every trip, they're great trips," he explained. "You don't want to get caught up in the emotion of the visit."

Chol will announce his decision in a press conference on Feb. 17. Top Stories