Press Conference Wrap-Up: Coach Self

Following his holiday basketball clinic Friday afternoon, Kansas head coach Bill Self met with the media to discuss starting lineups, Thomas Robinson and the task of identifying the best players on the team.

* All the starting spots are up for grabs. You want to play the guys who are performing the best, but it's different guys all the time. Thomas and Travis have been the best on the interior recently, Elijah was good last game, etc.

* The team needs to have some separation. So sure, the starting spots are up for grabs, but Self believes that's how it should be every day.

* Marcus knows that he shouldn't start right now, and that's a big deal to him. He'll start again when he plays the best. Self isn't going to reward players for not giving great effort, and there are guys who could be playing with more energy right now.

* Self doesn't care about players making shots, but if you have to make shots to play well you're probably not a player. Josh Selby's role is to be a player, and he can do a lot of things better - but him missing shots doesn't register with Self. Wednesday's game can be a teaching moment, to show him he can impact the game in ways other than simply scoring.

* Thomas is a great player, and he's become more consistent this year. He's still going to have up and down days, but there aren't too many teams with the luxury of bringing a guy like Thomas Robinson and having him play like he has this year.

* Still no permanent decision on Mario Little. He's still a member of the team. Self has said all along that he likes him, and that Mario has done a good job for the program since he's been in Lawrence. He only needs three hours to graduate. When he decides, he'll let everyone know. A bad decision was made and Mario is dealing with that.

* Miami of Ohio really controls the tempo, and Self thinks that's good for the team to play against. They need to learn to grind out some wins, but they'll still try to speed things up.

* The starting lineup won't be revealed until gametime. He told the guys the starting spots are up for grabs to whoever plays best in practice.

* Self wants to enjoy the ride, because this team is going to be up and down. That's okay, they just need to be up at the most important time. He can get negative a bit and see the things they're not doing well, as opposed to the things they are doing well.

* Probably had 3,000 people at Allen Fieldhouse today for the holiday basketball camp, including campers, parents and grandparents. That is awesome, when one considers that 3,000 fans would be a good game crowd for probably 60-percent of teams in the NCAA. Top Stories