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Giddens eager to see teammates finish it

"It is going to be Kansas, all the way." <img src="http://media.theinsiders.com/Media/Other/110_pay.GIF">

There was at least one Kansas fan that was unable to watch all of the Marquette game Saturday night.

"I watched the first half, but then I had to start getting ready," explained future Jayhawk J.R. Giddens.

Saturday also happened to be Giddens' senior prom.

"Kansas was incredible though. I didn't need to watch the second half to know who was going to win that," joked Giddens. "At prom I kept trying to find out about the second game. I was going around asking everyone who won. Is it Syracuse or Texas? I finally found out Syracuse."

And that does give the typically confident Giddens a slight pause.

"That worries me a little because of their super fast guards. Carmelo Anthony – wow. That could mean trouble for my team," said Giddens.

In a heartbeat, his tone changes. "But I know they will handle them. It is going to be Kansas, all the way."

Giddens has a little bit of experience in that area, having just led John Marshall to a state title. It was the first state tournament Giddens had played in.

"When I moved to John Marshall, that was what we planned. Me and Adam (Liberty) wanted to take the team to the championship. When we didn't even make state last year it was like, it has to happen this time," said Giddens.

It did happen. Playing the role of the underdog John Marshall defeated Ardmore in the final game, 50-46.

"It felt really good. It was a magical feeling," said Giddens.

Kansas fans know that magic. It is a feeling the Jayhawks hope to experience again tonight.


(Check back for Part 2 of the Giddens interview when he discusses the McDonald's All American game experience.)

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