Fan Voices: Kansas pride

Fans disappointment in loss is overshadowed by pride in team.

Congratulations to Syracuse. They played an outstanding first half and a great game.

There are times that I am disappointed in the team and in Coach. But last night wasn't one of them. Sure, I am disappointed in the loss, but how selfish I am. Think about how the players and Coach feel. They are the ones who put in the endless hours of practice and work.

This group overachieved in any case. They gave it their heart and soul. What more can you ask? I'm proud to be a Jayhawk fan. I'm proud to be a Roy Williams fan. I can't wait until next year. So I am blinded, as some of you will say. Guess what? Don't care.

- BullPhog


The heart and the fight that the team showed tonight was tremendous.

- Stony Hawk


People were lining up to quit, but the kids on the court never did.

It was supposed to be over when we were down 19 in the first half. It was supposed to be over when halftime found us still lagging by double digits. It was supposed to be over when our second-half surge fell short and the lead built back up to a dozen.

It wasn't over until Kirk's last shot was pulled down by the Orangemen. I didn't know what grit was until I watched us come back, fight back, claw back again and again tonight.

So we came up short. I'm so proud of those guys I don't have the words.

- Emgrius


I am proud of them too, even when I lost faith - several times this season, they never did. They held it together and made KU proud.

- Ms4ku

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