To all fans in Lawrence

An open plea from one far away fan.

Please go out and support the team when they arrive home tomorrow. There are many, many of us who would like to say thanks in person, but we can't because we live too far away. I'd love this gutsy, never-say-die team to come home to a packed fieldhouse or stadium.

What an incredible, unexpected ride. Losing Drew we knew would hurt. Losing Wayne halfway through was unbelievably tough. And yet, our boys never gave up. They brought home a tough Big XII championship and played until the final horn of the final game on the last day of the season. And though they fell just one basket shy of extending the season a little longer, they will forever be champions to me. Thank you Kirk and Nick for giving us four unforgettable years. You are what college basketball is all about. Thank you Wayne for your jaw-dropping toughness. Thank you Mike and Keith and Aaron for two final fours in your first two years. Thank you Jeff for learning what it takes to be the player you can be. Thank you Bryant for your contributions, too often unnoticed. Thank you Moulaye, Jeff, Christian, Stephen, and everyone else.

Please, folks, go out and cheer them. They need to hear our support . . . and Roy needs another reminder of why Kansas is the best place to coach in the country.

- Phoggy


Tuesday, April 8th
5:30 pm
Allen Fieldhouse

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