Bohl out, but is Williams in? (Updated)

A flurry of press conferences may tell the tale. This morning newspapers were beginning to report Roy Williams was expected to accept the position at North Carolina with an annoucement coming today. However, this is no "done deal" just yet. UNC AD Dick Baddour released a statement this afternoon.

Thursday Afternoon:

"I have had several very good conversations with Roy Williams over the last two days. Those talks will continue through the weekend. The Final Four ended just a few days ago. Coach Williams and I feel the timing is too near the end of the Final Four and there is too much going on in Lawrence (Kan.) at this time for us to conclude our talks. I have not offered the job to Coach Williams, but we have had good conversations that will continue over the next few days. He understands we will continue to proceed with other candidates, as well.

"Typically I do not comment on job searches. However, this is obviously not a typical situation. Coach Williams and I both felt there was so much misinformation out there that an update to confirm our talks was both responsible and necessary."

- Dick Baddour

Thursday Morning:

Three years later, Roy Williams might finally be heading home. Barring a last-minute change of heart, Williams, the Kansas men's basketball coach, is expected to accept the same position at North Carolina on Thursday.

Two sources with knowledge of the hiring process said Wednesday that Williams would take the job in the next 24 hours, despite a last-ditch effort by the Kansas administration to keep him in Lawrence. A source in Kansas said Williams was still mulling over the decision late Wednesday night.

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Wednesday afternoon: At a 3:30 pm press conference Chancellor Robert Hemenway is expected to announce AD Al Bohl has been fired. Bohl will respond in his own 4:30 pm press conference held off campus.

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