Press Conference Wrap-Up: Coach Self

Kansas head coach Bill Self met with the media Thursday afternoon to talk about his team's improvement, injuries and the upcoming match-up with Nebraska.

* Brady only scored two points against K-State, but he was just as important as he was against Texas Tech. But the team needs either he or Tyrel to knock down shots. That's what they've done over the course of their career at KU.

* Doesn't know how Travis works back into the rotation. Unfortunately for him, his injury caused him to miss a bunch of conference games and he's still not 100-percent. In tight games he doesn't want to play six perimeter players, so he doesn't know where Travis fits in. He's probably either going to have to fit into that mold of beating out either Mario Little or one of the perimeter guys.

* Tyshawn is fine. Tyrel has a sore foot he's been nursing for about a month or so, and for the first time during a game it bothered him in Lubbock. He's got a bone bruise, which the only thing that will heal it will be time off and they don't have time. So he's just going to play with it. Not quite sure when he injured himself.

* The KU bigs still don't take their defenders off the dribble enough. They should be able to drive most bigs without question. That's how people get them in foul trouble, so there's no reason they shouldn't be doing the same thing. It's been a huge emphasis for them.

* Tyshawn is a fabulous defender the majority of possessions, and an average defender for a few of them. He's definitely one of the premiere defenders in the league, but he can still get a lot better. He should be a guy who takes the opposing team's point guard out of the game every time they play. Those lapses are just a mental thing.

* Mario Little has matured since the incident. He's more focused, and appreciative of being out there. This is his opportunity to to possibly carve a career out of basketball overseas, and he's working at it. He thinks Mario has always been a mature kid, but the actions that caused the arrest and suspension were immature.

* Mario could have a nice career overseas, depending on the league. He's undersized, but he puts up numbers. Shots per minute he would lead the team hands down. Passes per minute he would be last place on the team. But he's a hungry guy, a natural scorer. That's what he does.

* Thomas Robinson is more focused than what he was. All guys play for themselves, their teammates and their family, but reality slapped him in the face. He's playing for much more than himself right now. It's going to be his obligation in some way, shape or form to make sure his younger sister's life is good, well beyond the age of 10, 12, 15, etc. He's making some of the same moves he did before, he's just more aggressive doing them. He's still not finishing like he should.

* Josh Selby has been good. He went through a phase when he first got out on the court where he was just a jump shooter and wasn't aggressive. Ever since the Texas game, which he told him he had to be aggressive or he couldn't play him, Josh has been attacking more. He's not selfish, he's not taking an abundance of shot, but that's looking to score and that forces help, opening up opportunities for other guys.

* Josh is trying really hard defensively and he thinks he's done some good things, but he's not where he needs to be. As a group, they're average at times and great at others.

* Josh made several great hustle plays against Texas Tech. But he doesn't look at those as defensive plays. But from an athletic standpoint, Self thinks Josh has become more aggressive.

* Overall, he thinks Josh has been great and adjusted very well.

* He thinks they're a pretty good defensive team. Statistically they're fine, in the top 10 in the country in several areas. But they're not a clamp down group yet. It's not like when the opponent gets the ball they're thinking "Oh, gosh. Here we go again." Hopefully they can get to that point.

* The fact that they're chasing Texas in the standings can definitely be used as incentive, but in their streak of winning the league there have been times when they've needed good things to happen in order for them to claim the title.

* Texas is playing well and he doesn't see them losing. If they do lose, they're not going to lose many, so KU has no margin for error.

* He doesn't see an out of conference game with Nebraska happening, but it might. If anything he feels like they should play Colorado, to give their fans in western Kansas a chance to see them live.

* He hopes the basketball program is a recruiting tool for every other sport. He knows football plays a huge role with them in the fall. They've had kids get emotional and commit right there because of the atmosphere at a football game. Having a full Memorial Stadium is just as important for them as a full Allen Fieldhouse is for the other sports.

* They won't talk about Missouri until the bus ride after the Nebraska game. Top Stories