Notes: Bill Self Sunday teleconference

Kansas head coach Bill Self hosted a teleconference with members of the media Sunday afternoon, to preview the first iteration of the Border Showdown on the hardcourt this season.

* Hasn't seen Josh today, but he won't practice today. He thinks with that being the case, and with him being off since basically Tuesday, it's probably not a great sign for him playing against Missouri. Still feeling some discomfort and tenderness. He's probably doubtful.

* He likes Missouri's team, he likes this team as much as any Mike Anderson has had in Columbia. Guards are interchangeable and as quick as they've ever been, maybe quicker.

* Any team that relies so much on their aggressiveness, one thing you want to do is take advantage of that aggressiveness. If you're passive against them, their pressure becomes greater. They need to be in attack mode. It's going to be a game of spurts, a game of runs. KU just needs to have more good stretches than MU does. Can't get hung up on turning it over once or twice in a row, because when you put that much pressure on people they are going to turn it over some. They just have to limit their mistakes.

* He has always liked Marcus Denmon's game. He's really matured into a really good college player, and a for-sure first-team all-leaguer. He's a model of consistency, which is something every team needs.

* It will be really important for Kansas to finish in the open court in this game. KU needs to be able to convert. A lot of times when Missouri pressures you, if they gamble and miss that's when they're most dangerous because they're coming from behind and they're so quick. They force you to go make plays. That has been a weakness of KU this year, is being able to take advantage when other people make mistakes and get out in transition.

* KU has been spoiled a bit with how good they've been in transition in recent years. They haven't had as consistent of guard play in the open court as they're capable of. The KU guards are good enough, they've just got to go out and do it.

* He's biased, and he thinks every coach who sells their program is drinking their own Kool-Aid a little bit, but they've certainly been drinking theirs where Allen Fieldhouse is concerned. He thinks it's the most historic building in the country. That's just from their perspective. They really believe it is a legitimate sixth man, and he's seen people write you can almost feel the walls sweat, you can feel the walls vibrate, and against Missouri there's a great chance they'll have that type of atmosphere.

* Brady has been good for the team whether he makes shots or not. A lot of people don't appreciate everything he does. The ball moves, he's the best post feeder and probably the best perimeter defender. Now that he's started to be aggressive offensively and he's had some success offensively he thinks it will make them that much more effective.

* Denmon has a quick release, he can stretch it from three and if you crowd him defensively he's more than capable of going around you. He's just become a more complete guard.

* If Josh had to play, he could play right now. He could have played yesterday. He would rather lose him for two games now than risk further injury and lose him for several weeks. The doctors are confident he's healing quickly. If he's 100-percent pain free when they do the shoot around tomorrow, he'll play. If not, he'll sit.

* There is an adjustment to playing a style like Missouri from playing a style like Nebraska. This is going to be a fun game, because both teams play fast. KU always wants to play fast. It's going to be a game of a lot of possessions, and kids love playing in games like that. It won't be an adjustment from what the KU guys like to do. Top Stories