Press Conference Wrap–Up: Coach Self

Kansas head coach Bill Self met with the media Thursday afternoon for his weekly press conference. was on hand, and is here with a summary of his comments.

* They'll know more on Josh Selby today. He's going to practice this afternoon. He did a light workout Wednesday, and he was doing pretty good. It's not 100-percent, but with a new orthotic he's got they're going to let him go.

* He was doing more with the ball before the injury. Self thought since the Texas game he's been much more aggressive, and doing some things offensively that really helped them.

* With injuries like Tyrel's and Josh's, you just have to wait for them to get better. The most you can do is do some things to try to limit the risk of injuring it further.

* Iowa State has been really unlucky this year, in losses to Nebraska, Oklahoma State and Kansas State in particular. Self thinks Fred Hoiberg has done a great job of giving their guys a free mind offensively.

* Brady has played great lately, the Twins are playing well. They've got four post guys they can throw the ball to and have good things happen, and that takes pressure off the perimeter. Tyshawn hasn't made shots and several people are injured, but still they've been very efficient offensively.

* Self wants Tyshawn to keep attacking the rim, because it forces help defense. Even though they don't go in sometimes, they're still good shots. They're adding a rebounder every time Tyshawn drives it.

* He thinks Tyshawn has been okay lately. He's been better offensively than defensively. They need more out of him on the defensive end, because he has the potential to be the best defender on the team.

* Elijah is the one guy who isn't experiencing a confidence boost of late. He can give them more offensively, be more aggressive.

* It's just a focus thing that's kept Tyshawn from reaching his defensive potential. Comparing him to Mario Chalmers, he wasn't a great one-on-one defender. He was a great stealer of the ball. But Tyshawn should be a lockdown defender.

* Travis was good against Missouri. He didn't turn it over, he was patient, he took good shots. He's not even close to being 100-percent healthy, he can play a lot better and be more explosive.

* This team doesn't yet have the ability to lock opposing teams down defensively for 4-5 possessions when they enter critical stretches of the game.

* This team still has a bunch of room to grow. They've got to play defense like they're not making shots. They've got to keep moving the ball and sharing the ball offensively. As a defensive team they have to assume they're going to shut the opposition out, because it's impossible to tell when the shots are going to fall. Cliches aside, defense does win championships.

* It would be easier to drive an emphasis on defense home if the team wasn't producing so well offensively right now. Making shots tends to get guys comfortable.

* They've addressed issues like the one Markieff had with the intentional foul against Missouri all season long. Self thought the situation the other night was obviously the right call. It wasn't a smart play. Markieff just had to be the one to get the last word in. Self didn't think it was malicious, just not smart. The Twins know that because of some past actions that people are watching them. They know that. Officials are human. The other negative thing they have going against them is, when you talk to an official they never differentiate between one or the other – it's always "The Twins." Both are tagged for the actions of one.

* Because of the Twins, the team naturally has good passers. Even though the stats don't show it, they're great passers. They have more assists where if it was hockey they'd get credit for it. They pass out of the double team and it skips to an open shooter. Right now they're enjoying playing it the way they are. They're learning to be aggressive and still be patient.

* Brady may have done a couple of things from a technical standpoint to improve his shot. Self has told him they need him to sat aggressive. He's been very aggressive in practice. He's just confident right now. There's nothing major that has transpired, he's just feeling it more.

* Self feels for Frank Martin and what they're going through at Kansas State. He doesn't lay awake thinking about it, but he does understand how things can happen - because they've happened to them. Frank's the right guy to get them through it. Self believes they're still an NCAA tournament team. But it's just the nature of the business that coaches don't feel sorry for one another. That doesn't mean they don't understand, and he believes Frank and his staff will handle the situation exactly how it should be handled. Top Stories