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Jeremy Case interview

Jeremy Case averaged over 24 points a game this season, leading McAlester to the state play offs. Phog.net caught up with Jeremy just prior to the NCAA tournament and hit him with the infamous Phog Five – five questions with little or no relation to basketball. In fact, we went a little overboard and it turned into a whole interview. Oops. <img src="http://media.theinsiders.com/Media/Other/110_pay.GIF">

Phog.net: What is the last good movie you have seen?

Jeremy Case: Bringing Down the House

Phog.net: Tell me a person that you admire.

Jeremy: My mother.

Phog.net: Why did you choose your mother?

Jeremy: Her kindness. It is the way she lives her life. That is what I admire most.

Phog.net: What is your favorite junk food?

Jeremy: Ummm, I don't eat much junk food really. I guess popcorn. I don't eat chocolate or anything.

Phog.net: You don't eat chocolate? That is unnatural.

Jeremy: (Laughs) Yeah, I know.

Phog.net: Name a TV show you just can't miss.

Jeremy: I'll go with the Simpsons.

Phog.net: Excellent choice. Now the most overdone question - what is in your CD player right now.

Jeremy: It is a CD I made.

Phog.net: What is on it?

Jeremy: Rap songs mostly. Some 2Pac and ... (Editor's Note: Jeremy listed two other groups here, but the tape got crackly. I'd hate to attribute incorrectly.)

Phog.net: Thanks so much for talking with me. We are about finished. There is more to life than just basketball. What else have you been doing?

Jeremy: Right now for me, it has been hoops and school.

Phog.net: School, eh? Is there a class you really enjoy?

Jeremy: There is one called TV Production. I just made a video for my mom using pictures and stuff.

Phog.net: Nice. Okay, last one – I promise. Everyone I have talked with that knows you has described you as "nice" and "quiet." What's up with that?

Jeremy: (Laughing) Ohhhh - I don't know about that.

Phog.net: Is there a wild side lurking beneath your cool exterior?

Jeremy: I guess that just depends on who I am around. I can be quiet.

Phog.net: Uh huh, so would you characterize yourself as quiet.

Jeremy: No.

Phog.net: Thank you, Jeremy.

Jeremy: No problem.

(Note: This interview has been edited so as to remove all actual basketball references and related comments. Those quotes were used earlier this year as McAlester made its run at State.)

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