Various sources report Roy is leaving Kansas

Radio reports confirm a a 2:30 athletic department meeting and a 3:30 pm players meeting at Allen Fieldhouse. WHb 810 reports an official within the athletic department reports Roy is leaving Kansas.

Allen Fieldhouse was quiet at 7:30 p.m. Sunday, as it normally is in mid-April. A basketball team manager deposited some equipment in a closet and prepared to turn out the lights on James Naismith Court, which had been used sporadically by women's and men's players throughout the day. Today, the fieldhouse could remain calm -- or it could explode in wild activity.

Kansas, Carolina await fate

He's staring the two jobs down and soon -- today or Tuesday probably -- he's going to pick the one he wants. The beauty of this choice is that Williams really can't go wrong either way. This one is shank proof. If he stays at Kansas, he's got one of the best situations in the game. Ditto for Carolina.

Williams can't go wrong

With all the question marks surrounding the Roy Williams-North Carolina soap opera, at least this much is certain: It won't go on much longer.

Williams expected to decide soon

"Hopefully something will come up and a rainbow will drop on my head ... and tell me what the right decision is."

Decision stares down Williams

We demand only one thing from the people we cover -- be perfect. Each time, every time, all the time.

Ask coach once, but not twice

Kansas player Nick Collison said Williams had been "hiding out" because of the intense media interest, and Barnes noticed the coach wasn't his usual laid-back self Saturday

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