Tuesday Teleconference: Patrick Chambers

The Boston University head coach spent a few minutes with Kansas media Tuesday morning, talking Terriers, Jayhawks and the Morris Twins.

* For him as a head coach, his team is more important than Kansas when it comes to preparation. He's only watched one tape of Kansas, but he's watched BU's championship game 3-4 times. They need to get better at certain times and they've got a young team. One of the assistants has probably watched 6-7 games of Kansas, and he'll watch more as well. But right now it's more important to worry about BU than KU.

* KU is tough and physical. That's why they're on that level. Teams like Kansas, and they played Kentucky this year and Villanova, they wear you down over the course of 40 minutes with their strength and quickness and speed. It's tough to simulate in practice, but they'll do their best. The Twins are tough, and nobody really talks about Morningstar and Reed.

* A Philly native, Chambers recruited the Morris Twins heavily when he was on Jay Wright's staff at Villanova. He thinks they're great kids and hard workers who play with a chip on their shoulder. When you have kids like that it's tough to wear them down, it's tough to beat them down. They don't give up and they just keep coming. It's a Philly attitude. He thinks their team has that, but it's not up to the level of the Morris brothers yet. It will be fun seeing them again.

* When he was recruiting them, he thought Marcus had a chance to be a pro, and that Markieff had the tools, but he wasn't sure. But now they both have big-time NBA potential, and Kansas has done a remarkable job with Markieff in particular. He's become a big-time player.

* The key to their season-ending 11-game winning streak has been the locker room. The guys really love each other, they like spending time together. They always have something going on that they want to be together and stick together, and that shows through on the floor.

* Kansas is a great team, and they're a great team for a reason. They have 32 wins for a reason. They just want to go out and compete, and let the score take care of itself. They want to play hard and be in it at the end. They played a great 20 minutes against Kentucky, a great 25 minutes against Villanova. They've never gotten over that plateau against a high-major, and they hope this is the game.

* It definitely won't be like playing at Allen Fieldhouse, but Tulsa will be one step below. He's heard stories about Allen and how crazy it is. They're expecting a decided home court advantage for Kansas, but that's why they played a tough non-con in some crazy arenas. They want to go out and play with a clear head and great confidence.

* The "underdog" motivation tactic is something for early in the year. But this late in the season it's got to be about getting better and competing. They can't use those gimmicks this late in the season, the "Let's shock the world!" talk. They're not going to do anything different than they've done in the past two months. The good habits they've developed, they just want to keep it up.

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