We're Staying

Kansas fans and Phog.net posters are here to stay. Find out some ways you can show your support for Kansas athletics.

The time for moping has passed.

Phog.net has never thrown its support behind an effort for the school like this before, but the time is now. Phog.net is asking its users, KU fans, and alumni to support our athletic department in a way that really shows you care - cold, hard cash. Cake. Bling bling.

Give ten dollars, a hundred dollars, or a thousand dollars. Clearly one big donor will make a bigger monetary impact than many small donors. No one expects the fans to be responsible for coming up with the big bucks to pay a coach. However, by donating even a small amount you send a message that Kansas fans do care about Kansas athletics - and are willing to back that up in whatever way they can.

You cannot donate money in another person's name. You can (and should) give, and your money will go into the fund supporting over 500 scholarship athletes.

You can donate online. Be sure select "intercolligiate" athletics when making your donation. Or select "other" and type your message to the University of Kansas. You will need to use a credit card or authorize an electronic funds transfer.

You can also call the Williams Fund at 785 864-3946 and speak with someone about making a donation. If you have never donated to the Williams Fund before, learn more here. You can even request a pledge card. Following through on your pledge makes a statement of support for your school and your team.

Tell them Phog.net sent ya'!

Phog.net challenges other Kansas fan sites and alumni groups to step up and support this effort as well.


Standard disclaimer: Phog.net is not affiliated with the Kansas athletic department in any way. This campaign was not authorized by any representative of the University of Kansas. We hardly know those people.

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