Friday Presser Notes: Coach Gill

Kansas head coach Turner Gill met with the media Friday afternoon, after the Jayhawks wrapped up their fifth practice of the spring. Saturday, the coaching staff will put the players through the paces in a full-fledged scrimmage - and Gill is eager to see how his team responds.

Head Coach Turner Gill:

* Thought they had a really good day today. The defense had a great day, some good hits out there. The offense looked good at times, but the defense won the day.

* Tomorrow they'll have a full-fledged scrimmage, and he's eager to see how the players respond. They'll rotate guys, make sure they're in the right spots, and then the next scrimmage they'll begin to make some adjustments in personnel.

* If he had to single out one guy who has been a standout on offense it would be Tim Biere. He knows his assignment, plays with passion. Steven Johnson is standing out on defense right now, but they'll know more about the team after the scrimmage.

* It's too early to tell about leaders right now. That's something developed over time.

* Daymond Patterson won't be participating in the scrimmage. He has a foot/ankle injury, and they're not going to rush him back but he should be back next week.

* Randall Dent still has a ways to go, but they feel like they have him in the right spot (at offensive guard). But he's got some potential and will be a player for them. Whether that happens this year or not, he doesn't know.

* As far as the kicking game, they won't really 100-percent know what they have until they get in some games. The specialists will have to prove themselves in game action before he is comfortable with them, but from what he's seen he is comfortable in saying that the positions are in good hands.

* Ron Doherty is definitely in the mix, at both kicker and punter. He'll have a chance to earn the job at either position.

* The receiving corps is solid, but again, they'll need another week at least to really start evaluating. He's told them all, all spots are open. There are some guys who have started and played quite a few games, but they have to continue to prove themselves again year after year. Top Stories