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KU fans are Self-involved this week.

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"We're going to play fast. At Illinois, the Big 10 has a reputation of being a league that maybe doesn't play quite as fast as the Big 12, but we've (Illinois)played fast everywhere we've been and we've led the league in scoring the last three consecutive years and I think we probably finished about eighth or ninth in the country in scoring. But that's because of pressure, defense feeds offense and at Illinois certainly we played fast and we recruited personnel to play fast. I believe in the game of pressure. The harder you guard, the faster and quicker you can shoot it. If we don't guard, we won't shoot, and I've watched these guys and they like to shoot, so I know we'll guard."

"It's a game of comfort zones and these guys have done a great job of living in theirs and getting their opponent out of theirs. We'll play very similar in a lot of ways. We will run high-lows, we'll do some different things, because that's what I know and I believe, but as far as simply watching this team play, you're not going to see a lot of difference."

- Bill Self (all quotes)

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"In a lot of ways he is like Coach Williams, a player's coach. He wants to play fast, so there won't be too many adjustments. He shares the same desires to win that we have, so I think the transition should be pretty smooth."

- Keith Langford

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