Monday Presser Notes: Coach Gill

Fresh off Saturday's scrimmage, the second of the spring, the Kansas Jayhawks took to the practice field again Monday afternoon, as spring football begins to wind toward a close. Head Coach Turner Gill met with the media afterward to update fans on the latest with the team.

Head Coach Turner Gill:

* The defense did a great job during Saturday's scrimmage. They had 18 possessions and on 10 of the 18 possessions they caused the offense to go three and out. The offense scored three touchdowns, and had two field goals.

* Some names that stood out Saturday are D.J. Beshears, who had two touchdown receptions and two key third down conversions. He's been good all spring. QBs played well, Nick Sizemore was solid at fullback and Darrian Miller has remained steady.

* Defensively, Pat Lewandowski was a solid performer. It's not permanent, but he's been moved to defensive tackle from defensive end for now and responded very well in Saturday's scrimmage. The secondary is playing well overall.

* Again with the defensive, they're playing much faster. Definitely increased their speed.

* They're always evaluating positions and players, and seeing where they're the best fit. They just want to find guys who can make plays. Lewandowski has been a nice surprise for them.

* The decision to move Tanner Hawkinson to the right tackle slot and Jeff Spikes to left tackle was more about Spikes than anything. Where are they going to play him? It's not a final decision yet.

* Ron Doherty is doing a great job punting. He's a little quicker getting the ball off. He's doing well place-kicking as well, and will compete for that job. But he's the leading candidate to be the punter at this point in time.

* Lewandowski definitely has room to grow. He's around 270 pounds right now. If he can get to 280 pounds at some point in his career, he'll be a pretty good football player as a DT - a three-technique. He's got length and savvy, and is able to use his hands very well. They want more speed on the ends, so as they move forward they'll continue to look at guys who can get bigger and move them to the interior. If they can't get bigger, they'll stay on the outside.

* They're definitely more athletic at safety this year, with Terry and McDougald back there. Lubbock Smith is still playing good football, too, as is Ray Mitchell. Definitely more athleticism at the position.

* At corner, Anthony Davis is coming on strong. He's a physical player and playing with confidence. Greg Brown is doing well. Tyler Patmon is playing some at corner, too, and Isiah Barfield is as well - though he's still banged up. If he had to say today, he believes the secondary will be the strength of the defense.

* In the off-season, the most important thing they did was get more explosive. They understand the defense better though, which means they're playing faster, too.

* Beshears may play all over the place again. He's a multi-purpose guy. They'll find the right place for him, but he's getting a lot more reps as a receiver. If they need to use him elsewhere they can, and that's a plus.

* Miller has been a little bit of a surprise because he's making the adjustment from high school to college. The speed of the game, the playbook and taking care of the football. He's made more plays when they don't look like something is there, he can make something happen.

* James Sims is still at the top of the RB list. He hasn't gotten as many reps because they know what he can do, so that's why some of the other backs are getting more pub. They're trying to find the right guys to help out Sims.

* Monday evening it was announced that Brandon Bourbon had suffered a lower leg injury that would require immediate surgery. He will miss the rest of the spring. Top Stories