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(04.25.03) Shaun Livingston isn't into Kansas anymore. A week ago, the Peoria Central junior, widely regarded as one of the top high school basketball players in the country, listed Kansas among his six favorite colleges.
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(04.13.03) Shaun Livingston led Central to it's first Class AA state championship since 1977. He averaged 16.3 points, 8.1 rebounds and 7.2 assists while leading the Lions to a stellar 31-1 record this past season. During his junior season, Livingston garnered a lot of attention for his play on the court. In the state championship game Livingston drove into the lane, through traffic and connected on the game winning lay-up. This list could change if Coach Williams opts to leave Kansas.
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(04.02.03) The teaming of Livingston and Cerasoli is certain to dazzle coaches, scouts and fans in gyms all over the country. Livingston and Cerasoli are the two top ranked point guards in the state of Illinois for the Class of 2004. Some consider Livingston to be the top point guard in the country. Both players stand 6-6, both have devastating handles, and both players are incredible passers. Last summer, Livingston built his national reputation, running the point for Ft. Sooy
Greatest Show On Earth: Livingston and Cerasoli

(03.23.03) After Livingston had given Central the lead, rocking the house with a lightning drive down the baseline with four seconds left, Thornwood called time out twice with 3.2 seconds left.
- Peoria Journal Star

(03.23.03) So it was no surprise when Buescher got the ball in all-stater Shaun Livingston's hands with the game on the line Saturday night at Carver Arena. "We wanted to clear it out and isolate Shaun," Buescher said. "It was a big-time play by a big-time player." Livingston, considered one of the nation's top juniors, scored on a baseline drive with 4 seconds remaining to lift No. 2-ranked Central to a thrilling 45-43 victory over No. 14 Thornwood in the championship game of the Class AA State Tournament. "It was just a great win," said the 6-foot-6 Livingston, who finished with a game-high 14 points and six rebounds. "(Thornwood) played their hearts out."

(01.17.03) Was fantastic this summer at the Big Time tourney in Las Vegas. Outplayed Arizona signee Mustafa Shakur in one game and that's saying something considering Shakur is the consensus No. 1 PG in the class of 2003. At 6-6, he has been compared to UCLA point guard Cedric Bozeman, which is like saying my eight-year-old daughter is the next Michael Vick at quarterback, and I don't even have a daughter. Livingston is quick and he gets into the lane at will because he's smart enough to get his defender off balance (ask ‘Staf). Once he penetrates, he is the best I saw all summer at finding an open teammate for an easy basket. His shot needs work but what high school player's doesn't?
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(01.14.03) Illinois Basketball Coach Bill Self's two prime recruits in the junior class are 6-6 point guard Shaun Livingston of Peoria Central and 6-9, 245-pound power forward Kalen Grimes of Hazelwood Central in St. Louis. Livingston, who could be the No. 1 prospect in the Class of 2004, is said to be most interested in Illinois, Duke and Florida. Indiana and Kansas also are in the mix. He made the honor roll last semester. - - Chicago Sun Times

(01.01.03) Smooth and silky. Shows great poise and command on the court. Makes great passes and always looks to get his teammates involved, before he creates for himself. He has really improved his outside jumper and shooting mechanics. His on-court leadership is incredible for his age and his teams always seem to win when he's on the court.
- Illiniboard

(12.12.02) While riding his bike, with his winter gloves on, at church, the grocery store, even while in bed, Peoria's Shaun Livingston constantly had his basketball with him while growing up. Like an extension to little Shaun, where he was the ball would never be far behind. "We'd drive in the car and I'd drive real slow in the parking lot and he would dribble out the window," said Shaun's father, Reggie. "He thought that was real neat. We did a lot of stuff like that."
Jumping to center stage

(12.08.02) Ellis and Livingston have been tabbed the top junior prospects in the state by almost every scouting service. Ellis had a game-high 21 points, and Livingston scored a team-high 19. "(Ellis) is regarded as one of the top players in the state, and we both draw attention," Livingston said. "You can look at the battle between us, but what it really comes down to is who wins."
- Peoria Journal Star

(12.08.02) A lot of the hype surrounding the game centered on Peoria's Shaun Livingston, a transfer from Peoria Richwoods who is considered the top junior in the nation by some scouts. Livingston gave a solid but far from overwhelming performance, perhaps because he didn't have to. He scored 19 points and grabbed 10 rebounds to lead his new team. "It's fun because you come up here, and if you do well, then you get respect," Livingston said.
- Chicago Tribune

(11.27.02) If this summer was any indication, the gifted playmaker nationally ranked as the top point guard in the Class of 2004 could be Illinois' next blue chip. A friend of LeBron James, Livingston could soon experience the media frenzy that followed Darius Miles in 2000 and Eddy Curry in '01. In two tumultuous years at Richwoods, Livingston struggled to make an impact in a high school uniform and hopes a fresh start at Central will change that.
- Peoria Journal Star

(10.15.02) Shaun Livingston, who averaged 14 points in his three games, was doing the majority of his damage with his passing. Winning the Pass Master Award, he never failed to entertain the crowd, as he would continuously operate on his man and breakdown the defense to thread the needle to an open teammate.
- High School Elite

(08.20.02) At 6-5, Livingston has the ability to operate around and over the top of his defenders. Despite being so tall and lanky, the Jalen Rose clone has the speed and the ball-handling ability to maneuver around the best and the quickest defenders at his position. He's got a fine mid-range jumper and is virtually unstoppable in transition with his scoring ability and his pinpoint passes. We love his game and so do the college coaches who are already battling for a spot on his short list of schools.
2004: Year of the point guard, iHigh

(08.08.02) Anyone who has followed Illinois high school basketball for very long will have to figure this skinny point guard somewhere very prominently on an all-time in-state list by the time his prep career is completed. Just a thought: Is he the best point guard prospect in the state since Isiah Thomas (Class of '79)?
All Summer teams, Fox Sports

(08.04.02) "He is the best player in Illinois, regardless of class,'' said Gibbons, who rates Livingston behind only 6-9 Al Jefferson of Prentiss, Miss., in his national rankings. "He is a 6-6 point guard who makes great decisions. He is a total team player. He plays like a true point guard who looks to set up his teammates.''
- Chicago Sun Times

(07.22.03) Standing 6-foot-6 in socks, Livingston, despite a rail-thin 167 pounds, could pass for a post in most vertically challenged programs. But with the fluid open-court skills and deft passing abilities he displayed Saturday, it's no wonder the Richwoods-to-Central transfer knocked their socks off recently at the adidas ABCD Camp in Teaneck, N.J. "I went there and just played my game," Livingston said of the Peoria pizzazz that had scouts talking, recruitniks drooling and the Internet buzzing. "I just did what I do best: pass, dribble and shoot."
- Peoria Journal Star

(07.12.02) And the 6-6 Livingston made a very bold and convincing statement with his play as to why he could end this month as the top-ranked prospect in what is shaping up to be a remarkable national Class of 2004.
ABCD Camp Wrap up, Fox Sports

(07.11.02) Shaun Livingston, a slender (he appears to pack about 170 pounds or so on a 6-6 frame) point guard from Richwoods High in Peoria, Ill., was, along with Mustafa Shakur, as solid an all-around player as there is among the 200 or so campers here. Unlike the frantic, I've-got-to-make-a-play-every-time-I-touch-the-ball types who tend to dominate things in these settings, Livingston is the hoops poster child for the "Let the game come to you" style preached by coaches of all levels of basketball who know what they're talking about. "Smooth" is often synonymous for "casual" in basketball, but in Livingston's case, it translates into doing things the way they are supposed to be done (especially on the offensive end) with the least amount of superfluous movement.
ABCD Camp, Fox Sports

(07.11.02> But, did the 6-6 Livingston keep trying to dribble endlessly in a futile attempt to do his thing like a lot of guards here have? No, that's not an option in Livingston's world. Instead, Livingston took his open shots, pushed the ball at the right time, and most importantly fed his center, who happens to be Kendrick Perkins -- the most effective low post presence among all the big men at the adidas ABCD Camp.
Marquee Matchup: Shakur vs. Livingston

(07.10.02) Shaun Livingston, one of the top players in the class of 2004, has a lot of Reggie Miller in him. The 6-6 combo guard from Peoria (Ill.) Central didn't display Miller's dead-eye shooting touch, but he has the exact (scrawny?) build, moves without the ball and dribbles in similar fashion.

(07.08.02) Dr. Livingston, I presume? He looks like Tayshaun Prince, but he plays more like Magic Johnson. Shaun Livingston has exceptional vision and passing skills. He's skinny, but Dr. Livingston is a baller. He's running this summer with Ft. Sooy-No Limit, which should make a good run for the Big Time title in Las Vegas.

(05.29.02) No doubt about this one, Shaun is the REAL DEAL and a must-get for the Illini. Barring something tragic or unforeseen, we're talking NBA here. He has it all--handles, passing, court vision and awareness, length (which he needs to use more), penetrating ability, and a classic stroke. He looks and plays like Tayshaun Prince but is definitely a point guard. He does need experience--for example, he got in too deep on a number of occasions and got in trouble, and he has a tendency to wait too long before deciding and dishing. Time, coaching, and experience should resolve these things. If he had Deron Williams's court judgment, he might be one of the top 5 or 10 players in the country now. Shaun is decision-making experience away from being a superstar. WOW! What a player.
- Illiniboard TOC coverage

(05.29.02) Livingston is the kind of prospect you drool over. At 6-6, he's absolutely a true point, and on a team with nationally-recognized junior players Richard McBride and Brian Randle, he may have been the best of them all. He's got a great handle, understands how to run a team, and can drive the lane with the best of him. Another in a slew of exceptional sophomore guards.
- Jeff Markman,

(05.29.02) This 6-6 sophomore forward from Peoria (IL) High calls to mind memories of former Kentucky star Tayshaun Prince, not in similarity of play but in similarity of appearance. Livingston has the same tall, lanky frame made famous by Prince. His game is interesting, as he has an amazing handle for a 6-6 player. His team featured two other quality players in Richard McBride, and Brian Randle. These players benefited greatly from Livingston's ability to find the open man, hit the open shot, and be the leader of the team."
- Sherrell McMillan,

(05.29.02) Livingston is a Tayshaun Prince clone in appearance and somewhat resembles him on the court with his good handle and his start and stop sequences. Like Prince, it seems his knuckles almost drag the ground and also like Prince, Shawn needs to gain weight. He's listed at 6-6 165 pounds. Overall - Livingston has a very impressive game.
- Chris Yarnell

(05.14.02) After viewing the wiry point guard for a second week in a row, we've become definite believers. We are confident that Livingston is among the top 10 sophomores in the country. He's a unique talent. A very long, 6-6 (and probably still growing) point guard with a good handle, excellent vision, shooting skill and the ability to deliver the ball, creating scoring opportunities for his teammates. Simply put, he's a ballplayer, first and foremost.
Scouting another Spiece Run 'N Slam Classic, ESPN

(09.30.01) How to handle a basketball legend who's not yet old enough to drive? That's a key question surrounding Shaun Livingston, the 6-foot-5 high school sophomore who returned to Richwoods last week after months of rumors that he would bolt - depending on whom you asked and when - for Central, Notre Dame, even Urbana. How does the kid handle the hype? How does his coach? How do his teammates? His family? Friends? Hoops City? A better question: Who deemed him a legend, and where does a kid get a national basketball reputation before he makes junior high?
- Peoria Journal Star Top Stories